Coiled Wire Replacement for Headlamp??

I am working on my first headlamp. I need to replace the coiled wire that runs from the battery box in the back to the actual lamp. To make a long story short, the wire is so thin, and such poor quality, it keeps breaking. Need a better quality wire. Anyone know where I can get some?

Turnigy silicone wire from Hobby King, Mtn Electronics or Buddy RC. Get shrink wrap to combine them, but that will make them stiffer.

I’ve used speaker wire successfully. Used an old electrical cord for a 4A mod once. A little ugly but functional.

It has to be able to stretch as the band stretches to fit on your head, thats why it needs to be coiled. I cut up a pressure switch wire and used that. That wire was a bit easier to work with.

You might be able to make coil cord on your own. Wrap the two wires around a rod, then shrink the wrap. The way I'm thinking, the heat shrink should get it to return to the coiled position.

The cord doesn’t have to be coled. It just needs a little extra length.