Collecting interest for a Sofirn C01 host version

Product improvement suggestion: redesign the clip—it is too stiff, doesn’t open wide enough, and is too easy and prone to break right at the tube clamp.

As it is now, the loop portion begins immediately at the tube clamp, this is a high stress bend location and could/should be extended about 3mm back from the clamp; then increase the diameter of the loop from 2.5mm to 6mm, then extend the length of the clip blade about 5-6mm. These changes would reduce the pressure and make it easier to open the clip for use on a pocket or hat brim. They would also reduce the material stress and the tendency for the clip to break.

Throw me in for three of these, thanks.

Interested in three.

I am currently down for 2 but can you add an addtional 4 for a total of 6?

I would need some extra, 10 total.


Nice find!
are those yujis the same as the ones Sofirn put into the C01

I presume that’s the type they used.

Edit: Please have a look - FWIW: Yuji and rngwn 5mm LEDs, observations and comments

^ As far as I’ve seen, that Australian shop has been the only place the 3200K Yuji’s have been available since shortly after the original C01 batch, but I think their shipping outside of Australia is pretty expensive.

Interestingly, Yuji does still list the 5600K available on their website, in packs of 1000.

It isn’t expensive. I mailed Mr. Turner because his shop didn’t work for my country at that time and he offered me unregistered shipping for little money.

Great catch but personally i wouldn't even bother when Rgwn's stuff is just perfect.

Too lazy at the moment to search this thread but what about the idea of rngwn supplying sofirn with his LEDs for another run? Then we all just buy a host with a bonus, awesome LED?

Sofirn knows the manufacturer and will use this LEDs.

Please do.

Still hoping for the light w/o LED.

$10 to USA… not bad imo

and the LEDs are cheap

$22 for 30 LEDs is just 73 cents per LED…

I am on the list for 2 - please increase my total to 6

Weird, when I go to order some it lists $23 for shipping

my mistake
you are correct

Any chance for a version with modes bright and low below 0.5lm?

I was told the new C01 lights with the 5mm "Sophia" 3.400K HighCRI and the 5mm 670nm deep red LED will use the original C01 UI, i.e. single mode ON/OFF only.

BTW: For the next 7 days there's a national holiday in China. Please don't expect any updates in that time.

Please tell them that a clicky version with modes bright would be very nice.

I did and I am confident they will present some cool new AAA lights using a tailclicky in the future. But I do not think they will do this with C01 and those 5mm LEDs.

If you are interested in a great AAA tailclicky light, you may want to check for Wurkkos WK01 and WK02, see my thread here:

Both lights are - at least to my mind - great in performance and quality. They still have some of the limited 4.000K 95CRI version left on stock.