colored led's

What leds are available in green and red. Confused as to what CREE leds come in. And also what electrical perameters should I be looking at. vF, 350,700,1000,1400 mA . For example, A red XP-E what driver do I get for it. Where can I get empty pills for led/driver.

most of the information you are looking for is right here in old threads or found in CREE datasheets. go to

empty pills……what light?


cree: xpe, xre,
luminus: sst-90, pt-54

Vf (forward voltage), goes up with current, and that is charted on datasheets

You may find, as I have, high Vf of green cree emitters makes 2 cell lights more attractive - or, red emitters more attractive

empty pills are rare. manafont (1 or 2 models only) and fasttech has a few but I’m not sure anyone has figured out what they fit.

Ok dpittman, what are you looking for and what do you need BLF to help you with you have now started 6 thread all pretty much have all to do with colored leds. There is good knowledge on this site but you have to read and study and decide what you want. State a little more details in what kind of light, what you want it to and we hopefully can help you get what you want. The colored leds are kinds of limited but only budget and imagination will limit you. Between dthrckt, kevin, and myself we have tried just about every colored led out there. We all have tried different host and similar or the same hosts. We all get bout the same number in output.

Hope we can help i know both of them have helped me and are very good sources of information.

i know a few lights they do fit and a few they don’t. but i don’t know, what i don’t know! there are manufacturing differences from light to light, sold under same brand and model. the empty pills you get, maybe one in five actually fit without some sort of tinkering. threads not cut right, a little thicker flange, differences on outside diameter, just to name a few. for example i bought 5 hs-802 pills from manafont. all different diameter, all different flange thicknesses. 2 DOA. chinese quality control! try getting the beam focused with .070”(that’s seventy thousandth of an inch for you metric guys) difference in flange thickness on an hs-802. requires shims of varying thicknesses and alot of time.

the c8 pills from lck-led do not fit my c8’s(they MIGHT fit yours though). they do not screw in all the way. but they do fit the uf-t20. the pill from a c8 will fit a uf-t20 but a uf-t20 pill will not fit a c8.

Did you get those pills from fasttech yet? They fit one of my c8’s both of my uf-t20’s. didnt try them in my other c8 yet.

havn’t got em yet. thanks i hope they fit my c8’s. —what screws are they drilled and tapped for? sorry if i already asked you about the screws.—

just looked through my recent orders and somehow didn’t order the c8 pills. also noticed they come with the screws to hold the star. how cool is that.ordered.