Coming soon: Highly modified XM-L2 T6 5000K NW Ultrafire HD2011

I have ordered a bunch of Ultrafire HD2011 that I plan to upgrade and sell. I want to turn these into great EDC lights that one would want to own and carry around.

Modifications as follows:

LED: CREE XM-L2 T6 - 5000K (3C) bin
Driver: KD 4x7135 V2
Modes: High (1520ma) - Med (532ma) - Low (3ma)
Mode memory: YES
Note: Modes can be modified, functions such as strobe can be added, etc. Described here:
LED Lumens: 25°C: 620 Lumens - 85°C: 546 Lumens

O-ring added under switch cap so flashlight can tailstand easily
24 AWG Teflon wire used between driver and LED
Thermal paste where required (driver and LED MCPCB)
Lubricated with Nyogel

The price will be around $30 (hopefully less) + shipping. I cannot get the price much lower as the parts used are quite expensive. I don’t have these yet, however I’m posting this to see how much interest there is for such lights. If you are interested, you can reserve yours :slight_smile:

hi, unfortunately fasttech’s s2 and s3 range offer so many options, it kind of makes this a moot point.

good luck with your venture though. I would suggest putting together kits with a charger and decent cells to sell locally, for $30 there are many other options available.

well hopefully I’ll get enough interest for these because I spent all my “flashlight money” on them. I agree there are a lot of options out there, but the ones I’ll be selling are neutral white (which are not that common), and they will be using the CREE XM-L2 (which is not common at all right now). Also, the modes will be High > Mid > Low without strobe which annoys a lot of people… although optionally strobe modes can be enabled

hmm thinking about it… would the price be more attractive if it comes down to $25? Because if I manage to sell the old XM-L LED’s, then I would be able to put the price down a bit…

will this be brighter than the s2/s3, or the xiachao, or the roche f12 the last two are driven at 2.5 amps i believe

It will be brighter than some but less bright than others… depending on the one selected (there are a lot of options).
I did not choose the driver that outputs the most current or the LED that emits the brightest light - Regarding drive current, I tried to keep a balance between brightness and heat so that it does not get so hot that you simply can’t keep it running on max (a lot of lights have that problem), and the LED chosen is neutral white, and that is the most efficient 5000K LED at the moment as far as I know.