Coming soon: TrustFire X6 modded with XHP35

Asked TF not to assemble the light,but just send me the parts. (Saves me some time opening the pill). Will order XHP35 from cutter next Monday. Hope it could arrive fast.

I really like TF-X6, big head with a slim body. 80mm head (72.5mm reflector) with a XHP35 under a zener modded BLF DD, can we get 1k meters throw? Can't get any info about how much current can we pull the emitter?

Try uploading to

The xhp35 is a 12v LED - how will you manage that?

Zener mod can do 16V at most, I read it somewhere.



Lumen drops when it's more than 15.2V?

heatsag i think…

that emitter is HOT!

3A @15V is a number for that “tiny“ die…

maybe we need to list how much Watts per mm2 of a die a emitter can handle?
smaller footprints are limiting the heattransfer from the phosphor to the MCPCB i am sure…

i have a 30V 20A bench power supply incoming - i hope that helps me getting better numbers for you guys in the future :wink:

Why 6x18350s?