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Several new Crelant models


Looks like they copied the Sunwayman T40CS.

Any big ones !!!

Is that just a 7G5 with sideswitch or does it have a bigger head or throw better?

the crenelations look much better here than on the 7g5 v2, the head looks much better too.

but i can’t help but think that battery tube is significantly thinner.

The heatsink also appears to be better, so probably better heat management too?

Will a review be published soon?

The head is 65mm, just like the 7G9 and the crenelated bezel seems to be the same.

I’m saying the cosmetics are different. To me, aesthetically the cs version is better.

Looks pretty nice to me too, especially over the 7G5V2.

Look interesting If 7G5CS’s reflector are same size as 7G9.
( But I think 7G9 are bigger and deeper )

The 7G9 reflector should not be bigger, I just said both heads have 65mm and apparently use the same bezel.

I hope so, But I’m sure that 7G9’s reflector are deeper.

taken from selfbuilt’s [review](Crelant 7G9 (XM-L U2, 3x18650) Thrower Review: RUNTIMES, VIDEO, BEAMSHOTS and more! | Candle Power Flashlight Forum Crelant 7G9: Weight: 482.2g (est 634g with 3x18650), Length: 188mm, Width (bezel): 64.0mm, Width (tailcap): 46.7mm
Crelant 7G5-V2: Weight: 282.6g, Length: 251mm, Width (bezel): 61.4mm

taken from crelant website Crelant 7G5CS: Length 245mm, Head Diameter (bezel) 65mm

EDIT: actually crelant’s website lists the 7G9 & &g5CS as 65mm while the 7G5-V2 is 62mm

The 65mm head diameter I mentioned for the 7G9 is also taken from Crelant's website.

The new 7G5CS will accept the Collimator head, it is driven just a little harder than the 7G5v2, so should have just a slightly brighter hot spot at the same distances.
The new version fully supports both 2X18650 and 4X CR123. Hunters and outdoor sportsman who purchase this light will be able to acquire batteries at a local Wal-Mart style store if needed. Crelant is attempting to bring higher quality affordable lights to the general market.

The crenelations appear to be a slightly bit more aggressive. Tail switch is shrouded.
Once I actually have them in stock there will be review sample’s sent out.


My 7g5v2 just arrived yesterday…

Sadly I am in arkansas and have not gotten to play with it yet, one thing I forgot to look into, does the 7g5v2 have a real AR lens or not?

I was planning on a drive swap to drive mine at 3.5 amps or so anyways.

Decided to forego the great deal on the 7G5-V2 and wait for the 7G5CS - looks awesome! Thanx for the pic madecov! Crelant still hasn't posted the pics, or the true V11A and V31A pics but found them on CPF. My choices are the 7G5CS and a V31A.

Probably offer a few specials. If you do purchase The 7G series and any V series at the same time I will be giving away a free Crelant cap
All the 18650 lights will come with Crelant branded (Keepower) IC protected batteries at no additional charge.

I'm in Mark! How long do you think before an order can be placed?

Review of the v2 with collimator sans lens scored 133,000 lux,this one should be something else.The style of the cs is ok,maybe too much like the SWM t40 cs,could have stood to be a more original design.I,m liking aspherics lately though.