comparing Nichia 219B SW45K with SST20 4000K (on Emisar D4v2/FF PL47)

I made these videos sometime ago, and upload them on Youtube, but the video is not getting seen.

Someone commented that he liked the videos and suggested that I should share it more widely... so here they are:

In the following videos, one flashlight with specified tint is kept steady "reference" (didn't change brightness) on the right side,
while I ramp the brightness of another flashlight (left side) and show how its tint changes.
(IIRC, the flashlight that's kept as steady reference is in the just-inserted-battery 'regulated' mode)
1) (D4v2 Nichia 219C 5000k 83CRI as reference); Emisar D4v2 (SST20 mixed-tint) ramping on left
2) (Fireflies PL47 Nichia 219B SW45K R9080 as reference); Emisar D4v2 (SST20 mixed-tint) ramping on left
3) (Emisar D4v2 Nichia 219C 5000k 83CRI as reference); FF PL47 (SST20-4000K) ramping on left side
4) (PL47 Nichia 219B as reference); Fireflies PL47 SST20-4000K ramping on left side
(comment: almost any other flashlight LED will look greenish when compared to the very rosy Nichia 219B SW45K R9080;
if a LED looks greenish comparing to the Nichia 219B SW45K R9080, it may not really look that green in real-world use...)

Do you think you might be able to remove some unnecessary formatting from the OP? It’s literally spilling out of its frame. Here’s how it looks in two different people’s browsers:

Great videos!

On my tablet it’s even worse, your screenshots are at least making sense and sort of readable :wink:

Thanks for the videos. That pl47 sst20 tint is not bad. Seems like you got the fd2 tint batch. When did you order it?

The FD2’s are pretty good. I dropped them in an FW3A this weekend and it appears that the early FW3A’s were also shipping with the FD2. The 2 lights are a dead match on tint and output.