Comparison of the Convoy series of flashlights?

Hello! New BLF member, and fairly recent convert to some “good” flashlights.

Does anyone know of a comparison between the different models of the Convoy flashlights?

I’m hoping to find something along the lines of “the S6 is the S2+, but with xxx feature”, or just a general comparison chart.

I’ve googled around, but I’ve only been able to find a few things close to what I’m looking for.


The way I did it was to just buy at least one of each.

Differences can range from “X only fits flat-tops”, to “Y has a longer/deeper reflector”, not even counting cosmetic differences.

Wish I had a checklist way back when…

Subjective but-

S2: original most popular, spacers easily available to build triple. Tail switch is completely recessed for best possible tail standing (my personal preference)

S2+ updated S2 (a different light, OG S2 still sold), slightly shorter OAL, metal button option, shorter reflector means much more floody. Spacer for triple also easily available. Extremely popular at the moment (rightfully so, convoy really stepped it up). Pretty colors. Tail switch has “ears” for easier access but slightly less stable tail stand

S3 (current production), only S series with integrated emitter shelf / pill-less design. Takes all standard size parts (emitter MCPCB / driver / switch parts) but as time went by fewer aftermarket parts are available (i.e. spacers for tripple)

S4 no exp

S5 no exp

S6: shortest 18650 host (no protected cells). IMO best looking as it’s body is all the same knurling. Parts can be had but not quite as easily as S2 spacers.

The S2 is my favorite because of its recessed tail for easiest / best tail standing and for parts available to build anything you want it to be. I haven’t had one for a long time but I also really liked all the S6’s I built in the past, both single emitter and tripple and with the state of all our different FW options there’s no real reason to feel you need protected cells.
The S2+, I have a few in different flavors, who doesn’t, but I have such a strong affinity for the S2 for the above reasons that I never felt the need to actually replace it with the “upgraded” version.

Again, mostly subjective.

You’re not going to be able to find a good example of what you seek, beyond the most basic levels, and even something like it can become outdated, due to the rapid, and often undocumented, changes in the products from brands geared toward enthusiasts.

Consider that such a chart could be produced for the variations of the S2+ alone, never mind the entire Convoy line.

The situation can be beneficial, in that continual improvement occurs at a rapid pace, but it can be unfriendly and hard to keep up, even for hobbyists.

Unfortunately, there are no Cliffs’ Notes like solutions; you gotta read the book and do the homework.