Comparison shots: Zebralight SC600w MK IV Plus vs. Zebralight SC600fd MK IV Plus

For those of you on the fence and can’t decide to either get a SC600fd MK IV Plus or a SC600w MK IV Plus, I have some screenshots you can use to compare the two. I liked both of them so, I bought both!

——————————— SC600w MK IV Plus on the Left ——————————————————————————————————— SC600fd MK IV Plus on the Right ———

Great pics and thanks for sharing. I could easily get on with either of those. The w plus is not too over powering in the hot spot ,which for me is ideal . Most of my uses are close up or under 50ft anyway.

No problem. I like both of them. I don’t seem to notice a tint shift on the 50.2 in this light. It looks fine to me. If I had to pick the light I like the most, it is the W for obvious reasons. It’s way brighter. The FD though still has it’s uses and I like the color temp/cri. To be honest the W tint is acceptable to me. Normally I’m not into the 4.5k/4k tints but the 4.5k is nice enough. It’s worth having both of them. I have to decide if I want the XHP35 variant. After seeing the 50.2 I may be content with what I have. That narrower beam on the XHP35 to me would not be as useful. I’m not even sure how much farther it would throw. Defiantly a new fan to Zebralight!

Only slightly off topic, I just noticed that Zebraligth has added the floody version of the SC53c to their website. This wasn't available a couple of weeks ago.

xp-l2 though, i have had little look with the 4000k hi cri off zebra. Mine was crazy yellow, custard/pi55 with a hint of smoke stain………….The zebra w version with the 4500k is more bearable for me personally. Of course tint is all in the eye of the beholder.

I still have my sc53w offering

Its OK, but my problem is the 18650 sc series are compact enough with more benefits(run time/output).
My sc63w on the right next to the sc53w………………not that much in it size wise. Also (again subjective) their AA lights are a little on the too tiny size, in hand for me, where as their 18650 feel right(all be it still super compact). Beam wise on the sc63/64 from the xhp35(not HI) is towards flood, hot spot kind of blends in with the spill past a few metres out.

I am still very tempted for the xm-l2 easy white in a zebra. The xp-l2 has took over , higher output, maybe higher cri. But the off tints just turn me off! So i am happy to have a few less lumens and cri and have a nice beam!

Besides the two sc600 models I have a pair of SC5w MK II. They are 4500K and the tint is acceptable. The SC5 MK II are great edc lights in extreme situations, (rare) where you won’t have access to recharge 18650’s. AA batteries are everywhere.

Nice collection by the way!