Completed my c8+ with xhp50.2, thoughts before I turn it on

Host: c8+
Driver: v54 capable of handling as much load as you can give it
Emitter: 3v Xhp50.2
18g leads from driver
v54 clicky switch

So I have a vtca5 battery. Before I toss it in there, looking for feedback on what could go wrong here. With my limited knowledge of amperage/current principles, I’m afraid that I may burn the LED. Thoughts?

Fire it up. LED’s are inexpensive. Do you have a clamp meter? You can look up the 3v 50.2’s max output and just turn it on high to see where you are with voltage. Worst case it burns up. You could put a lower output battery to start. I’m no expert. Hopefully you did your homework before you decided on components. Being that I’m not familiar with the driver, is it an FET?

I do have a clamp meter. How do I measure voltage and amperage?

You shouldn’t be able to burn the LED.

The XHP50.2 has 4x LEDs on the die, so even with a VTC5A, you shouldn’t be able to kill it.

On a new build, I would always check for any direct shorts with a DMM. Other than that, go for it!

You have to run a wire to connect the body to the negative side of the battery. Turn the light on in each mode to detect amps. This should give you the amount of power going to the LED. There are several videos on here. I will try and find one for you to watch.

Look on youtube- “4 ways to measure tail current” First one I found.

Awesome thx for the prompt replies all! Excited about this build.

Curious In the video why does he keep having to tap to get current to go through?

probably cycling through the modes to see the different output currents?
(not sure if we all are looking at the same video?)

Oh that would make sense.