Confusion from reddit info

Hey everyone I was doing some reading on reddit about the differences between ICR, INR, IMR etc…. cells and I seen the words “mod” and “mech” a lot.

Can anyone please tell me what they are referring to when they say mod and mech?

Metal pipe suckers slang.

Mod and mech refer to vaping.

A “mod” is a device that you attach an atomizer to — it came from the days several years back when vaping devices were modified flashlights, hence the name mod.

Now for mods there are two major types of devices, regulated and mechanical. Mechanical devices, or “mech mods” use no electronics or wires at all, but use the body of the device itself to conduct electricity, with only a contact switch controlling on/off.

If you went to reddit and went to /r/ecr, that’s probably why - ecr is short for electronic cigarette.

Explains a lot. Thanks keithd! I’ll post the link.

Those are vape (e-cig) devices. A mechanical mod is a device that holds one or more batteries and is mechanical vs e-switch (to simplify), where an atomizer is attached. Millions of people world wide have used them to quit smoking. Google e-cig.

Nevermind, as I was typing, Keith answered perfectly

I don’t vape or smoke at all and you were right. Said cigarette right at the top. Didn’t even see it.
Vaping is that cotton candy smelling smoke stuff right?

Robert I was going to send you my cells and went to message you or see if I gave you my address for the return shipping for the 30Q button top cells but it said I was blocked. It’s cool, I just don’t know if I offended you or not with something I said. If I did I am sorry. I didn’t mean to.

I sent them to someone else today.

Basically, yes. I vape - got into it as a hobby for a while, but I do zero nicotine and I vape as something to keep my hands busy, etc.

There’s a user on /r/ecr named Mooch who is very well regarded in the vaping community for his battery tests. Imagine HKJ for flashlights. It’s likely you may have read some of his posts.

That’s cool. I work at Cabelas and lots of the workers use those things the vapes. Do they really help quit smoking? I’m gonna nutshell it, my mother got very sick and was told to stop smoking. She never tried. I bought her some little BLU cigarette thing but she never used it. Nicotine is the addictive stuff right? Also I’ve seen in a lot of threads about HKJ flashlight reviews. I can’t find any of his.

Do I just search “HKJ”?

You can search fro HKJ battery test on google, but here is his homepage where he has all his tests:

Yep, nicotine is the main addictive substance in cigarettes. Vaping/e-cigs can help quit smoking, and a number of folks say that they have quit by switching. All I know is that my friends who have switched from smoking sure smell better!

Keithd I hear you about the smell! Lol. When my friends and family come over that smoke, my place instantly STINKS! I’m assuming because I am a non smoker.

You gotta want to quit I’ve heard (but I guess that goes for almost everything drinking etc…)

So I am going to say this is I think my first thread ever on the BLF that I know of. So I’m pretty new to all the different threads, posts etc…

I did a YouTube thorfire VG-10s review and posted it on here somewhere under 18650 flashlights. My opinion I think it’s too long, I didn’t shine it around outside at night when I was doing the video.

I’m sure there are loads of that lights reviews on here already. Don’t know how I did.
Does HKJ only test batteries? Still really new lol. Just figured out how to start my own thread yesterday :slight_smile:

Sinuses suck.

Not only batteries, also chargers, both for batteries and for usb (for phones and stuff). In additions to this I test other usb devices and multimeters, and sometimes some other stuff. Once in a while write some articles about these topics.
Everything is on my website and most of it can also be found here (If you want to ask questions).

But it is a very long time ago I tested flashlights.