Confusion on charger / batteries

I'm looking to pick up a charger and a pair of TF flame 18650 batteries. I was looking at Dinodirect and saw this set for a charger and 2 batteries:

$13.58 and what "looks" like a wall charger and 2 TF flames 18650.

Now, DD sells 2 TF flames for $15 (batteries only) for $15.88. So, I'm confused. My guess is that the charger/batt combo doesn't come with flames. Also is that charger any good?

Should I just go with TF flames and an XTAR MP-1 from Manafont for $18.66. Single bay, slower charger vs 2 bay. The Xtar does get good reviews though.

Also, I have read a fair amount of bad stuff about DD. What do you all think about purchasing from them? IS shipping much longer than MF as well?

Well you just found out that their prices are high and inflated for no reason on 95% of their stuff..not all just most . so comparing dino with dino is silly look at manafont or dx and compare them against DDirect. their shipping from thanksgiving took 2 months to get here and they didn' t answer factor that one in too .they sorta screwed themselves .

personally I like a dual charger .I have too many batteries to do them one at a time .

took more than 2 months and they didn' t answer emails..