Connectors for Soldering 18650

Hi, I have this kit coming in from kaidomain.

It requires that I solder 6 18650 in parallel. Anyone have suggestions on what to use as connectors?

Do you have any experience soldering direct onto cells like this? If not, I really would like to suggest that this is not a good first project.

I have used copper sheet, cut into strips. I think the stuff used here was .011" or so.

I have experience soldering sub c nimh cells, but not 18650. Shouldn’t be too different, just gotta be more careful.

I have these strips coming in 20 pcs 7.5cm Solder Tab For Sub C 14500 18650 battery | eBay
Just not sure how I’m gonna cut them to work.

What do you mean how to cut them? Scissors? :~

Well I plan to using using 1 long strip across the terminals. Was thinking about poking holes through them to solder the battery.

Was looking to see if anyone else had better ideas.

Don't need holes. Tin the cells, add flux, lay the tabs on, apply heat. A very very hot iron will keep the heat input to a minimum, if you try to baby them by using low heat the solder will never melt and you'll just cook the cells.

Sounds good thanks. I got an 80w iron that should do the trick.

better get a really hot soldering gun, the hotter the better, because it takes just a second to melt the solder and make the connection, something like over 100w should do

This one is 260w

This is about TIG welding but heat input is heat input, there's stuff in here that applies. More is sometimes less.

Thanks guys. That was really helpful. Looks like this is gonna cost me more then I expected. But it should be a good learning experience. Learned something already.

Don’t worry i’ll try it first on some old dead sub c nimh batteries I have lying around to get the hang of it

Hold the cell with bare fingers up near the end you're soldering. If it gets hot, STOP and figure out what you're doing wrong. When done right, it should at most get warm. The less heat you can put into it the better. Don't leave the iron on the cell for any more than 2 seconds, ever, for any reason. If it hasn't worked at 2 seconds, STOP.

Make sure you use flux on the batteries, the kester flux pens work very good.

My advice is, don’t skimp on preparations. You want to succeed at first solder, period.

My must have: a bit of sandpaper, good flux, hot iron and leaded solder.

It’s looks so easy when it works. Swoosh, you’re done. But if it doesn’t work, don’t force it. Relax and back to square one.