Convertible lights with multiple cell options

My Zebralight SC80W is still probably my favorite all-around light. :love: It’s design with reversible battery cup/spacer allows use of either CR123 or AA depending on config. I typically use 123’s for output, but like having options. AA’s are obviously much easier to find in a pinch. What other lights have this sort of capability??

In addition, I am also looking for single-16340/single-18650 convertible designs like the Shadow GF1

Please recommend some good convertible lights in either CR123/AA or 16340/18650 format. Pretty open to options at this point… We can narrow it down as we go. Thanks in advance.

Hugsby P2. Superb light, great throw, AA’s, NiMH, 14500’s and CR123A’s.

Can run on 2 or 3. 18650 or 26650,
with the extender in to run 3 cells it can run on four c cell batteries (too big?). :wink:

GerberOmnivore can run on AA, AAA or cr123 batteries

The Sunwayman V10r with extender can run on AA
The Jetbeam rrt01 has an AA extender too.

TR-J12, can run with 4 x C batteries.

Yes that’s what I typed title Turstfire J12
Four c cells

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

Didn’t really mean multicell as in 2-4 batteries. I meant multiple sizes capability, but single cell. Hope that makes sense.

This headlamp is very interesting!