Converting from 18650 to 18650/cr123/16340

I’m looking to convert my 502B xm-l U2 from a 18650 to or 3.7v-4.2 to 3v-6v or 3v-8.4v
has anyone done this yet and any recommendations , I would like to have the ability to drop in a couple of cr123 or 16340 in a pinch .


You just need a new dropin that is rated up to 8.4 volts, there are tons of them available from all of the flashlight vendors.

Maybe someone will suggest a link to one.

Solarforce has a number of them, and so does Lighthound for domestic U.S., just check that the input voltage can go to 8.4+v:—84-Volts_p_4064.html—9-Volts_p_4112.html—9-Volts_p_4110.html—9-Volts-\_p_4111.html—9-Volts_p_3800.html—9-Volts_p_3799.html