Convoy 12group: Memory Mode Issue Fixed?

Anyone know if recent 12group firmware has resolved the frozen memory mode issue? Otherwise, I may want to change a couple of orders to 4mode…

The new non 7135 drivers aren’t using Biscotti, but a copy that was coded by Convoy’s supplier, so this bug is non existent

I think the problem is precisely that because it is not Biscotti it misconfigures himself from time to time and returns to the # 1 group.
Is what mine does

That bug has since been fixed. The issue was screwing on the tail cap without first turning off the switch

To chime in, I also think it has been fixed at this point.

A Convoy Z1 ordered in November 2020 exhibited this bug, resetting mode group/memory by itself.
A Convoy C8+ ordered in January 2021 has not exhibited this bug at all.

I’ve got another 12-mode driver in the mail now to swap into my Convoy Z1 - hopefully it’s also a good one!
I was granted a partial refund on the Z1 to cover the replacement driver - you could try asking your vendor about that too.