Convoy 18650 Questions

I lost my ShiningBeam S-Mini, and I’m disappointed to see Bryan hasn’t really upgraded the emitter yet. I’m interested in trying something a little less expensive, being that I really did carry my S-Mini everywhere.

Luckily, I still have the charger (although I lost both my batteries with the light).

It’s this charger:

  • Charges 18650 and 17670 Li-Ion batteries
  • Two separate charging channels allows you to charge 2 different brands of 18650/17670 at the same time

Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 4.2V with current up to 500mA per channel

Dimensions: 4.1 in x 2.3 in x 1.5 in
Weight: 4.75 oz

Can I use that charger with flat top unprotected cells for use in the Convoy S5 and S6?

it looks similar to the cheap chargers I still use and have gifted to people just getting into 18650 lights, that being the case, yes, it will charge flat top cells.

if I can make a suggestion though, treat yourself to an xtar wp2 ii.

its not that expensive but it is a real nice charger with better charging rates for higher capacity cells and it gives you an option of using bay 1 as a usb charger with a full cell, great for emergency situations.

Any suggestions on a good brand/model of unprotected flat tops?

Also, how do I order the Warm-White emitter for the Convoy S6?

I have some Samsung 2800mah unprotected cells that run my xiozhi (same as one of the convoys) from fasttech, I’m plenty happy with them.

if your ordering your s6 from fasttech just hit the drop down menu and select emitter and driver.

I think with simon, you just message him and tell him what you want.

I guess I don’t quite understand why I would want a 1000mA vs a 2800mA driver. Is that just to prolong battery life on the high setting, and therefore less OTF?

Yes, it is to prolong battery life and also to greatly reduce heat output. These lights are small (small surface area and mass) and at 2800mA they get hot in a hurry! 1750-2100 is probably about the most you can continuously run in these lights without getting too hot to hold after a few minutes.

I don’t have a Convoy S6 but I do have an S2 and a HD2011 (which is the same size/form factor as an S2) which are similar size lights to the S6. I have played around with various drivers and while 2.8-3A is brighter on high, you don’t want to keep it on there for very long; at about the two minute mark the light is becoming uncomfortably warm. I currently have a 1750 mA nanjg in the HD2011 which is still bright but can be comfortably left on high. The S2 has a 3 amp qlite driver in it but I don’t run it on high for extended periods of time; preferring mostly low or medium with the option to run on high.

if you can build yourself, qlite is imo the best option, it gives you a great high along with three other useful modes without hamstringing the light.

I have the Xiaozhi T6-C3 which is pretty much the Convoy S6. 2300mA driver is great, I wouldnt get any lower. It will get hot, but if you hold it its no problem. If you are concerned about leaving the light on without a biological heat sink on high (you), then maybe get the lower drivers, otherwise, unless you dont like a lot of light output, I’d get the 2300 or even 2800mA. You can always turn it to medium if it gets hot or you want to leave it on, but you cant tell a 1400mA driver to do doubletime.

There is a problem with the Xiaozhi though, mine does a lot of whining on medium and low modes, and I’ve seen others report this.

Whining is usually a loose ground..... tighten up your driver ...

I ran two of the convoy lights a s2 and a s6 with a 2100 driver & a 4c or 5c nw on med which is 50% of high ..above the poker table while on vacation .very nice amount of light

Do we have a BLF coupon code for alibaba or Convoy’s store?

Can someone help me pick the 2800mA with warm white emitter from this codes?

Nevermind I went with:

1x 7135*8 XML T5-5C SMO Reflector
1x 7135*8 XML2 U2-1A OP Reflector

and some batteries.

Well the batteries were not able to be shipped so I need some.

Any suggestions where to source flat top unprotected 18650es in the USA?

Those are protected so I’m not sure they’d fit in the S6.

The flat top Panasonic NCR18650B that I purchased from Cobb Carpet fit perfectly. I believe these actually have some protection if not a PCB.