【convoy】3X21E available now

14500/AA headlamp with LH351D and low (< 0.5 lumen) moonlight when? :smiley: and accessible so I can swap out the emitter if desired

(Simple Olight/thrunite UI plz)

I should learn these 3D modelling apps…

Just to clarify, will there be a listing for completed M21C w/FC40? I would be extremely interested in that.

Before the Chinese New Year, we have to stock up for many customers, and the employees are also unstable. After about 3-7 days, I will update the product link.

That’s great! No rush, just wasn’t sure if the completed light or only components for modding were being discussed.

Simon, will there be black S11 with a reverse switch?

This driver? Specs say 2.3A maximum. Tiny bit high for XHP35s imho, but bearable.

On the other hand, just 3A for XHP50s here and there is comparatively low. XHP50 tests show peaks a little above 9A (XHP50.2 J4 3A by djozz, XHP50 J4 1A by Texas Ace) and at 11A (XHP50.2 J4 4000K by Texas Ace) on testbeds. A ≈6.5A driver would allow better squeezing of these big emitters without being over the top…

Are orders still being shipped out? Hoping my emitters go out ASAP (and that the more expensive shipping options are actually quick)

Simon, very serious question on behalf of many here. You seem to have access to early samples of emitters from Luminus like the SFT-70. Whoever your source is, could you inquire about potential availability of 95CRI SST-40 ? We’re missing a good 5050 HiCRI option.

+1 - really wish there was effectively the sst20 4000k but 5050. Anything 4000-4500k 5050 with good CRI.

I can give feedback to Luminus, but I feel hopeless.
I can ask Getian to produce some 5050 90CRI LEDs, but the brightness may not be very high. Are you interested in this?

it’s reverse switch by default

Very interested.

Thanks for your confirmation. I wanted to make sure, because someone wrote somewhere that black has a forward switch, and gray and silver has a reverse.

I would say they’d have to be brighter than the SST20 and LH351D by a meaningful margin, and 3V to be worthwhile. Maybe a 3v scaled down FC40.

Thanks for trying!

It must be easy for Getian to make a 3V version of the FC40, as described in this quote from my FC40 test thread:

The early batch S11 do have forward-clicky (I still have 2 units S11 with me that do have forward-clicky).

I would actually like to purchase a reverse-clicky switches to change those 2 units S11 into reverse-clicky, but I’m not sure which switch (if available on the Convoy store) will work for the Convoy S11…

I do notice something different about the driver on the early Convoy S11 with XHP50.2 — they appear to have a hidden strobe mode.

On the early Convoy S11 with XHP50.2 (forward clicky)

  • half-press to change brightness levels (4 brightness levels)
  • quick double half-press will go to strobe mode
  • fully-press the switch to lock in the selected mode (selected brightness level or strobe mode)

On the Convoy S11 with reverse-clicky switch (back then, there was still no “12-mode” driver for the S11)

  • full-press to turn on
  • half-press to cycle 4 brightness levels
  • no strobe mode (double-quick-half-press, IIRC, will just cycle modes faster)

This seem to indicate they use different drivers, since the forward-clicky S11 has a hidden strobe mode, accessible via double-half-press…

Hey everyone, I’m looking to order a bunch of parts from the Convoy store but am a little confused about the process.

- I see on the first post in the thread for the BLF discount I should message Simon (using “Contact” button in the cart page I assume?) after I place the order?

- The default shipping options are different for some items (most are SF eParcel but small items like MCPCBs are Cainiao Super Economy Global), I assume Simon will ship everything in a single package?

  • Can anyone in CONUS give approximate shipping times for the free shipping option vs the more expensive options?

I also have a question about the new buck driver and other 1S buck drivers - do buck drivers automatically adjust the output voltage to match the forward voltage of the emitter at the drive current?

Thanks in advance!

I think in AE you can send a message before finalizing your order. Just leave message to Simon to combine shipping. Just make order and don’t pay right away. Cheap and light items can be delivered with Cainiao but it is very slow. To my country in EU average shipping is between month and two. Also that new buck drivers regulate constant current not voltage over LED and for that the voltage is different for different current. LED has voltage characteristics like ordinary diode just higher Vf.

Of course drivers adjust the output voltage, this is clear. Regulated drivers, additionally, adjust the output voltage to match the forward voltage of the emitter at the drive current. Along with AC led drivers, buck, boost, and boost-buck flashlight drivers are regulated, orthodoxically this is a must for anything with the word driver in its name. In fact, the only reason I say “regulated driver” is because in flashlights there are unregulated drivers, very simple circuits which basically are resistors, MOSFETs, a controller and not much else.

As a rule, if you see some sense resistor(s) (ultra low value precision resistors) in a driver board you can infer the driver is regulated. This does not mean you automatically get “whatever claimed current”, as the driver requirements must be met for this to happen (i.e. a buck driver needs its input voltage to be above output voltage to some extent).

Okay, that makes sense. So in a scenario where the input voltage is that of a fully charged 18650 and it is currently driving a SST-20 at 1A, if I swap the SST-20 for a XP-L HI with a higher forward voltage, will the driver pull more from the battery in order to drive the XP-L HI at 1A? And does this affect the efficiency of the driver?