【convoy】3X21E available now

You didn't say what type of driver… but well:

  • A buck (also boost-buck or boost drivers) pulls more from the battery to drive the higher Vf emitter at the same current (higher power output).
  • A linear driver (like this or that) drops less voltage from the battery in its MOSFETs (behaving as variable resistors) to drive the higher Vf emitter (burns less excess power).

Sun, 01/31/2021 - 20:08

It would be awesome if Getian would be willing to do something like this.
I also feel the pain of scarcity of high output high CRI LEDs 3V and I also can’t wait for something better to appear.
But I also note that 3V variant of FC-40 might be super-awesome. But it may be meh instead. Depending on tint. I’ve heard your batch of FC-40 is greenish yet rngwn was able to source more neutral tint. I suggest that you try to talk with Getian about it.

Simon, I noticed that you removed all single battery positions from your store, why? Your prices were good and even if delivery was slow, it was reliable.


When the orders are merged, I will choose the fastest logistics method, don’t worry.

What is currently known is that 6V and 12V LEDs can be produced, and 3V LEDs can theoretically be produced, but the gold wire on the chip will be very long. It depends on whether the factory is willing to do it.

The logistics channel for batteries sent to Russia has been temporarily closed and will reopen around February 20th.

In my opinion, I don't necessarily see the lack of 1S / “3V” FC-40 emitters as a hindrance. I see it as an opportunity for developing more powerful and better switching (boost, buck, or boost-buck) drivers, which is also of service to other 2S or 4S emitters (XHP series).

I also think we need better springs, a lot better; springs capable of handling 10+A with nearly no voltage drop. Literally, like if they were properly bypassed. Current high-current springs… don't suck but suck.


Yep, if they can be BBL or slightly below, I’m down. Not down for above BBL.

Needing a question answered

How is it that my Convoy C8+ culpm1 at 8A is reaching a hill 1200m away, when I measured only 1004m.

I’m making a video comparison of a few models and was surprised to see it reach alongside the Maxtoch Shooter 2x and L21A culpm1.

There is till some light left after the calculated distance, just not much. And maybe your measurements are a bit off. Try taking measurements at 10+ meters.

Looking forward to your video.

I’ll try at 15 meters and see what the result is. I measured at 15m with the Convoy L21A and only got 50m less. Currently measured at 9m since that’s the length of the hallway.

Thank you for your input

The light intensity reaching the hill is proportional to the beam candela, so probably about a factor of 2 between the C8 and L21A. A factor of 2 is not a dramatic change in light to our eyes. So it makes sense that if you can see the L21A reach the hill you can also see the C8 reach the hill, even if it is half the intensity.

Maxtoch Shooter 2x, Convoy L21A
Convoy C8+

The moon has come out from behind the clouds more for the C8+ shot so guessing that made it look brighter? I’ll try again eariler tomorrow before the moon is up.

Hey Simon, any chance you’re planning on clear anodising the L21A? Or updating the L2 to accept your new 8A driver?

Only black L21A in stock ,and desert tan L21A in production .

L2 uses 20-21mm driver.
8A driver 22mm, it’s a little big

Received yesterday Convoy S21B with XHP50.2 4000K. All expectations are met, almost perfect EDC. Color shifts and artifacts were not noticed, pleasant light, + glued DC-Fix tape, it became even better. The driver took 12-mode, set it to (50, 10, 1, 0.1) and turned off the memory.
I tested the stepdown. Room temperature, without cooling - in 50% mode (~ 1000Lm) in 8 minutes the flashlight heated up to 50 ° C and dropped about 15% of the power, then the temperature rise stopped, the flashlight entered a thermostable mode with an output of about 800Lm. I am very satisfied.
What else would I like? Built-in charger and possibly Anduril. I would like to replace the steel spring with a shunt with a bronze spring.
It seems to me that the S21B version with the XHP70.2 4000K emitter will be very interesting, I think it will not be difficult to release a new reflector. The result is more fill light and more lumen.

Thank you very much, the Convoy S21B turned out great, my favorite convoy is now!

The best thing about Convoys is that they don’t have Anduril. Flashlight enthusiasts might like it, but muggles that I know find it frustrating to use, and prefer simpler UI.

Hi Simon, any idea when coloured C8+ bodies are available?