【convoy】3X21E available now

1-2 weeks

Just added a LH351D in 2700k and 5700k to my collection. (Note: the LH351D were on 10, XM-L2 8x7135 on 35, and 219C/SST-20 4x7135 on 100%)
Left to Right - Cree XM-L2 6500k, Cree XM-L2 4500k, Cree XM-L2 3000k, Samsung LH351D 5700k, Samsung LH351D 2700k, Nichia 219C 5700k, Luminus SST-20 2700k.

Simon just added 8*7135 12-groups driver with temperature control and 20mm XHP50.2 3A driver to the store.

It’d be better if it was a 3A version of the 5A 12 group driver. Constant current, and single sided.

This one looks like a slight modification to the old 7135 driver. Same doubled sided issues with the S2+.

Does anyone else hate soldering drivers to pills? It’s a mess and it’s hard to reverse later for swapping parts around.

This is a big step. Kudos for Simon for implementing it. With the 10 times tap I keep entering the config mode unintentionally which is very frustrating. With this driver that won’t happen anymore.

@Simon, when will the 5A 12 group driver receive this update?

It’s already here. 17mm, 20mm, 22mm, boost 20mm, boost 22mm and 8A already have 20 clicks. I just don’t know if the boost for xhp70 is with the new soft.

I trimmed retaining rings to fit. This is also tedious, but I didn’t even want to go down the road of heat up the entire pill.

I thought I only had to do this because I used QLite drivers. Does the Convoy 8 x 7135 driver interfere with the retaining ring, too?

Is there any way to disable mode memory on T2 (latest version)?

The convoy 7135x8 is pretty much the exact same driver with different software and it’s red instead of green.

Probably not. I wish it had a programmable driver. At least memory on/off.

It’s possible. Reylight has a AA/14500 driver with programmable modes and memory on/off.

The 5A 12 group driver has been updated several months ago.

AA/14500 driver can use 12 groups program, but the cost will increase greatly. Because T2 did not sell much before, I did not consider producing this driver.

The T2 takes a 17mm driver, so you can replace it worst case.

My bad. The ui chart still mentions 10 clicks so I was confused.

Anyway, a big step. My S2+ with the 5A driver, E21A 4000K D220 quad led, 60dg tir and removed glass i currently my most used flashlight.

There seems to be some margin for error with the new drivers (like there was with the old drivers…)

I have 3 of the new 17mm 5A 12 group drivers. One of them acts strange. When programming the light the LED remains on but dim in between programming blinks, and seems to have a much higher lowest mode than the other two.

The other two drivers work as expected, the LED is off between programming blinks and the lowest mode is pretty low.

I ordered a few more to mess around with. I’ve used two of them to make S2+ triples.

Some 14500 cells (such as Shockli 1000mAh) don’t fit in the T2.

I’m OK with it at this price point :+1: .

Has the latest version been more successful? Would be nice to get it in the new S21A colours (specifically the green and orange) :innocent: .

Simon Mao, on my flashlight from the last order (convoy s2 + LH351D 5 Amperes), a shunt in the spring from the side of the button fell off, and this happened almost immediately, literally after 2-3 battery replacements. I don’t know how to do soldering and I don’t have a soldering iron!
The question is: what are the consequences?

It is possible that because the internal resistance becomes larger, the low-voltage protection will be entered in advance. I have a switch with a copper spring, which can be sent to you for replacement.

Lumintop 14500 fits perfect in T2 but for me not worth use it because the difference of power with AA it’s very small.

Well, that’s a shame. I have some button top 1000mah Vapcells I was hoping to use with the T2 I just ordered. Might need to look into what is preventing the fit.
On another note, I’m looking forward to my M21C-U XHP70.2 and another simple S2+ with a Dogfart and the new FET driver from the same order.

I wish we had figures for the new XHP35 HI offering in the M21C though, I would have maybe bought another if there were candela ratings available.