【convoy】3X21E available now

this is great news, I will write to you in the store! Many thanks! :+1:

So would it be correct to say that it appears this is a driver issue/inconsistency rather than the LED type the driver is used on?

I've had a few different Convoy lights that use this 12-mode (Biscotti clone, not the original Biscotti) driver, and also noted that for some lights, when doing voltage check:
- on some flashlights, the main LED stays on at a dim mode, while it "blinks (brighter)" out the voltage count
- on some flashlights, the main LED is off, while blinking the voltage count

(for comparison, on the original Biscotti, when doing "voltage check" mode, the main light is Off in between the "blinks" for voltage count)

The issue you mentioned might be related to the observation I noticed (main LED is dim, or main LED is Off in between blinks)

What is the difference between this:
and this:
version of M21B with XHP50.2?
OK, first one is 3V LED, but for second one, there is no info.

The first one uses XHP50.2 3V (FET driver), the second one uses XHP50.2 6V (boost driver).

Does this have the alternating frequency strobe as per Biscotti, or a constant frequency strobe?

As of right now if there is a choice of color temp below 5000K for XHP50.2, that means it is 6V.

The 6V will be more efficient because of the boost driver, both drivers will output ~18W (3V * 6A or 6V * 3A). A normal XHP50.2 will be 6A, if it’s 3V it will say so.

@stephenk You may need to contact Simon about the needs of the light painter community.

I had the driver in a light with a single SST-40 and the light remaining on between blinks was present there too. I didn’t play around with the mode groups containing the lowest mode on that light though.

Then I ended up taking the driver out and putting it in a triple with 3 SST-20s and noticed that the lowest mode is almost the same as the next lowest. Another of the same driver in another triple has a much lower first mode.

I have 5 more of these drivers on the slow boat, when they arrive I’ll swap out the suspect one and see if it’s any different.

The Convoy Store now has a listing for a S16 21700 flashlight. Looks like the S12 with a single SST-40 emitter:

Yes, dimensions and body design are the same as the S12. it’s 7.5mm shorter and then head is 1mm smaller than the M21B, I’m not really sure that the difference is large enough to warrant a new design unless the M21B’s crenelated bezel is illegal somewhere. Simon is updating his store so often that it’s hard to keep track.


What driver is it? Boost? Temperature protection?

I’m pretty sure it’s this:

I believe the driver is the same as in the L21A so it should have thermal stepdown.

I will be honest with you Simon, the only reason why I didn’t buy more T2 until now is because of the driver and the impossibility to change the fact that it has memory, and that I cannot configure the amount of modes in it.

The Convoy T2 is a sturdy and robust flashligh, easy to mod, capable of taking a hard beat, what makes it good for many modders and people that want practical “work” lights.

In case you offer it with drivers with more flexible UIs, I am sure it will sell more!! Your led options are also great :wink:

The T2 should be higher lumens like the Sofirn SP10S which is 650 ANSI. The T2 measured 320.

Higher lumens will always increase sales.

To be honest, i absolutely love the T2 as it is, 4 modes with memory is what most people want. The 12 groups firmware isn’t that user friendly for the average person.

I wish the 12 groups firmware was changed, instead of waiting for 8 blinks to select group 8, it should just do 12 blinks in total, each blink representing each group. Takes way too long to get to group twelve

This is a much nicer solution IMO.

3 or 4 modes with memory that can’t be turned off is boring, it’s what almost every brand does with their AA light.

We aren’t “most people” here. Mode memory is polarizing, I like small lights like that to start from low. I’m not the only one.

The 12 group firmware can be configured to make the memory people,the no memory people, the start at low people, and the start at high people happy. Even the old school high mode only folks.

A programmable AA/14500 light would be rare. And I’d buy one and a few of the drivers if they were available.

I agree with the “high lumens” increasing the sale, amd I can agree - to some extent - that a configurable FW may be troublesome for the regular users, indeed!

But I guess I failed to explain myself in one point, that is: one could have the regular (current) driver and eventually another driver in which we would be able to configure levels.

Currently my T2 has a driver with 3x7135chips w/ Biscotti FW (3 modes, no memory, FC switch). However, it can only use 14500s, not AAs.

I can also agree with less blinkies for the group choice, but beware: in drivers with less 7135 chips, the blinks for mode selection seem faster… So…they would have to be well calibrated, as in Bistro HD OTSM and others.

You nailed it :wink: I’d buy some extra drivers and hosts to :wink:

And by this I don’t mean it would be 100% perfect, but at least it would give a choiceon wanting memory or not :nerd_face:

I totally agree. I’m sure I’d buy a few more T2s if they changed the driver to 12 mode groups. I’m a no memory, always start at low guy :laughing: :smiley:

yes I would like mode memory off/on for the T2 driver

Agreed, that’s the only thing I don’t like about it.
I could care less about higher temporary output if the sublumen modes stay close to the same between nimh and li-ion.