Convoy Amber Switch at BG, am I late to the party

This might be another case of mapache’s late to the party again, but I just spotted these at BG ^:)
I had heard they might be coming but that was ages ago. So much nicer than the blue IMO.

Hey mapache, I much prefer the amber too! :slight_smile:

I got a couple about three months ago from GB but so far only installed one on my S3

If you use the GB app they are half the price Banggood is charging!

Amber Switch@GB

Damn, I could only use their “app” if I bought a newer cell phone.
I wish someone would come up with a cell phone simulator so I could scan these codes and use them.
I wonder why they’re giving such big discounts to people who will order with cell phones.

I recently bought three of the blue ones from FastTech. They fit my C8 and my S2, but not my M1, or M2, due to the circuit board being smaller in diameter than the stock switches. There’s a hollowed out shelf on the back of the two retaining rings that when cinched down, don’t make contact to complete the circuit.

I could probably fashion a thin shim/washer to get it to work, but ehhh…

As for my two S2+ lights, things look a bit funky from the start, after removing the button. There’s a sleeve that needs to be removed and I didn’t bother mucking with it.

I’ve got a spare blue switch, if one fails, but that was my experience earlier in the month.

I like the blue, but would have ordered an amber, if FT had one, but they didn’t.


I purchased 10 a month ago when they were $0.69 each. The amber looks really cool but it draws about twice as much current as blue. I changed the resistors to 120k I think and it still draws 40 ua. Not as a efficient but very cool looking. Stuffed one in a V11R.

I’ve got a couple of V11Rs here and I love the light. I need to repack the one I use, but how much work did you have to do, to the PCB, to make it fit and is it easy? I’ve got a Dremel tool here if its just sanding it down. Does it still do momentary ON?

Thanks, Chris

Anyone know offhand if they’re true amber LEDs or PCA (phosphor-converted amber)?

Anyone got a prism? :smiley:

> prism

If I get them I’ll check with the cheap public lab spectrometer.
This is worth having if you’re curious about light sources:

Wellp, yeah, but I got a coupla these

and a prism, but neither does me any good without the LEDs. :open_mouth:

Was hoping someone who had the LEDs either knew the type or could take a peek and see.

The spectrometer is pretty good and at least close, based on Hg lines in fluorescent bulbs that I tried. It’s a bit hard to see unless the light source is pretty intense, though.

Interesting design on those thingies, snipping apart a dvd to get to the “diffraction grating”. :smiley:

Not that hard, the clear washer needs to be filed down to fit down the switch tube, its diameter is slightly to big. The switch fits right in. The lighted switch doesn’t do momentary on its a momentary off. I’m pretty sure while I was installing the last one that the original switch would fit on the lighted switch board, if you wanted to exchange switches to gain momentary on back. KD has the clear 14mm x 8mm silicone tailcaps, make sure you order the transparent. The silicone stud in the middle of the tailcap will have to be trimmed with a razor 2 or 3 mm to keep pressure off the switch button when assembled, otherwise the switch will always have pressure on it and be in the on state with a momentary on.

Never used one but have a look for an android emulator. There a seems to be a few available, the first I came across was xeplayer. I’m meant to be cleaning my apartment today, might try an android emulator for linux instead }P

I have not seen a PC-amber 0603 led yet. The two types that I know of is pink (mix of blue and PC-red) and ice-blue (mix of blue and PC-green). I recently bought a small batch of “ultra-warm” 0603 leds on ebay, those may come close but I have not checked them out yet.

Hm, there’s a lot more out there now than was available a few years ago.
I’ve used these from Luxeonstar for modding flashlights for a few years