Convoy C-8 pressure switch

Hello, I’m building a few Convoy C-8 weapon lights. Does anyone know where I could find a pressure switch to fit this light? Keep in mind that the Convoy series uses a different thread pitch on their tailcaps so not just any C-8 tailcap will work.
Thanks in advance


You should ask simon regarding C8 pressure switch, if he doesn’t have it then no one does.
I remember there is a thread about ordering pressure switch from simon but it seems there is no progress

I believe that some pressure switches on the market are intended for retrofitting existing tailcaps. That might be a good route for you to take. Here are two eBay links (1, 2) for pressure switches intended for Ultrafire 501-series lights. I have no idea how poorly these switches perform however. I suspect that for high performance weaponlight applications I’d want an FET switch…

Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions, please keep them coming!

Sorry i can’t help much but as wight said you can search at ebay or make your own pressure switch :smiley:

Thanks fellas, I will look into the parts linked.

In any case I’m sure we’d like to see what you come up with. :slight_smile: