convoy c8+ tubes on s2+

does anyone have info if a convoy c8+ tube would fit a s2+

same threads or what

also does anyone know what thread they are

im thinking making steel tubes as a test

thanks all in advance

best wishes from finland

They definitely do NOT fit.

Following numbers are a bit ballpark because I only have an (old) set of calipers.
Especially the pitch. Using a gauge on the pitch of the tube would be a better idea.

S2: OD=21.8mm pitch=1.3mm (maybe 1.25)
C8: OD=22.8mm pitch=1,5mm

Hi forsh, did you get your S2+ host from Kaidomain and/or the Convoy one? I’m just wondering if the Kaidomain S2+ host is same material/quality as the Convoy S2+??

S2+ is on its travels to me , I think it’s original convoy and all my convoys are original convoys
I did buy a s2+ from bg also and that also on its travels

More updates in the next few days

I’m planing to make a few tubes out of stainless and normal steel , I’ve access to a mill and lathe at work , and lots of thread making tools and gauges , I’m pretty average at welding and pipe work , out lathe is a dirty old beast so making threads with it would be a bit hit and miss , but we have pipe threading dies from small to massive

More updates to come

Sounds good and looks like you have lots of fun activities coming up! Have fun :slight_smile: