Convoy C8 with 4 amp XM-L2 U2 on noctigon for sale (price reduced $35, beamshot added). SOLD

After reading many of the threads on the wonderful C8 style flashlight I was so influenced by the love that I decided to build one. I ordered the Convoy C8 host from Fasttech and filled it with an XM-L2 U2 1A on noctigon driven to around 4 amps by a Q-Lite driver with three 350ma 7135 chips stacked on. I set the driver to 4 mode (moon-Low-Med-High. Several copper discs are thermally adhered to the inside of the pill to aid in heatsinking.

The switch spring and driver spring were both modded with copper braid to reduce resistance. An unprotected Panasonic 18650 PD will provide 4 amps for a short while. I ordered 3 extra reflectors from Fasttech so I could choose amongst them for the best beam. An AR coated lens from IOS completed the flashlight. It’s a beautiful, bright flashlight with lots of throw and all the modes I could wish for. It now needs to go to a new home to make room for more parts and hosts. So up for sale it goes. I can put in a smooth reflector if preferred.

The house across the street is roughly 60 yards from my front porch.

Price is $35.00 shipped CONUS. Shipping within CONUS is included in the price. International buyers will pay actual shipping minus the cost of CONUS shipping. First thread response of “I’ll take it” followed by an IM gets the light.

Payment will be via Paypal.

Thanks for looking,


Bump for price reduction.

Great build you have there! I’d take it but the price is a little rich for my blood… :~

Figured out the camera, added a beam shot.

Interested in trading for a fenix tk35?

Perhaps, PM inbound