【convoy】Golden S3 available now

Thanks Simon!

I think it is not difficult for me to get it. :smiley:

They are AAA titanium alloy flashlights, I posted the pictures just to see if you are interested in them

Sweet! If you can get the Boost Hx and Boost HL, that would really give Convoy the edge! :+1:

Great news, at least for me… as I’m not a tail clicky guy.

Thanks Simon. Order placed for M21C-U. :beer: :beer: :beer:

Funtastic found the CULPM1.TG Boost HX available in AliExpress (originally posted here).

Out of curiosity - what size MCPCB is in the Z1? That with the CULPM1 (if 4040 MCPCBs are around)…

Second that, PM1 + Z1 should have good throw in zoomed in mode while still having good output in flood mode, and it’s rated at 5A and can easily take 6A from the SST40 linear drivers (or more from the ‘ramping’ one), after all Simon doesn’t like to overdrive emitters, it helps keeping disputes low. I know that zooming flashlights are jack of all trades, master of none, but sometimes the tradeoff is rather useable. Edit: the Boost (U) 2 mm2 version have higher rated limits, 6.6A, 8A pulsed, 10A surge. The Boost 1 mm2 version have rated limits 3.3A/4A/5A but in practical terms it should work with the 5A driver even if out of warranty, but don’t expect many lumens, peak is at about 6A but output is only 5% more than at 5A, it’s useless risk.

Will it be below bbl?


I don’t have a specific BIN. Are you worried about the greenish color?

We all are a bit...

+1 :-)

A nice rosy tint below the BBL would be much more appealing compared to greenish.

+1 :+1:
fully support!


It’s hard to please us :slight_smile:


Nah, it’s easy. Just stay below BBL :smiley:

Yeah i also vote for BBL :+1: :partying_face:

I modified a first generation Sofirn C8F 18650 with 3x LH351D 4000K CRI90 from the (1st or 2nd) AEDe group buys and ended up pretty satisfied. It's all how you believe, I've said this many times. If you can only tolerate a red tint, that's all you will get. I choose “over BBL” and I find myself quite pleased with my C8F's tint, even if I can faintly spot some green-yellow.

I also built an overdriven S2+ with a 4000K Ra9080 Nichia 219B, and that ended up being very red. Maybe I see red very well, my kitchen lamp has two kinds of (Duris E5) leds, 5700K above BBL and 4000K below BBL, and I remember many months ago that the driver powering all of the 5700Ks failed, I was shocked to see my kitchen quite red. But I guess it was a matter of contrast. It is also quite possible that I am tetrachromatic, but I haven't been tested. :-)

This is a shame, 2700k and lower CCT have great contrast and minor impact
for melatonin suppression.
Green tint can easy detect also when Leds Bin are on BBL.
Low currents cause often tint shift and light go over BBL, don’t like.
I hope you can offer lh351d 2700k or similars with most possible Bin below BBL
and also E21A up to 2000k

Hey Simon, is the metal tail switch cap from the Z1 and S2+ able to fit any other models? I have the M26C and love it, it looks like the Z1 tail cap is similar and has a metal switch. Would the metal switch cover from the Z1 fit on the M26C models? Thank you