【convoy】Golden S3 available now

Sounds awesome.

Actually loved the idea of 3x sst40 bcos that would be close comparison to 3x xhp50.2 which was highly anticipated EC03. But, how would 3x 21700 will look like not sure and definitely bulk for sure. Anyway, followed your updates, it could be interesting.

Btw, what could be stark diferent between sst40 and xhp50.2 in triple position? I’ve only got the idea that xhp50.2 tint has sound corona effect while sst40 does not.

4X18A with reflector for SBT90.2 is in production ,too
It will be available after two months.

hi,sorry , If you driver has problem. I can send one new driver to you.Please send me your order number or your address in the private message,

I have received a sample of the flashlight before, and its light spot is very uniform,
The reason why I dislike XHP50.2 for a long time is that the outer circle of its light spot is yellow-green.

3X21A !!
This is really a good time of the year , Simon is releasing several new Convoy flashlights … exciting.
I’m not sure my wallet is gonna like to hear this news though :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Dou you have any picture to tease us? or is it still super secret?

I forgot to take a photo last time, the samples are now at the manufacturer. But production has already begun. Its appearance is similar to 4X18A, with corresponding changes.

A 3x 21700 batteries tube is going to be a tiny bit wider in diameter than 4x 18650.

Hello Simon, it’s from Page 101 (Mon, 08/31/2020) :

Do you have a change of plan/schedule , coz it’s still not available at your AliExpress store ?

Not that I’ll buy it right away right now but I wanna check the specs etc …

My order is still somewhere on the way (it seems like it has entered my country , that’s a good news) , my wallet will hate me if I buy more flashlight now :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: but it won’t know if I only checking and drooling :laughing: :heart_eyes: :smiley:

i recommend sst40 12groups driver

i add a link here

Thank you, I’ll order these right away :slight_smile:

This will be great with KW CULPM1.TG. We need only 4040 gaskets.

Do you plan OP reflector for S21B?

4040 copper MCPCB is in stock now ,
4040 gasket will be availabe at next week
you can note “OP reflector” in the remarks of your order

I am looking for a work light with decent color rendering, do you plan to sell any high CRI, COB LED based, portable lantern someday ?

New models

Black convoy S21B with luminus sst40 ,copper DTP board and ar-coated inside, Temperature protection management, up to 2300lm

Gray Convoy S2+ with samsung LH351D ,Ra>90,DTP copper board ,ar-coated glass lens

CREE has many types of COB LEDs, I think it is not difficult to design this, it does not even need a reflector.

Oh,thank you ,i’m adding more items.
S21A black
4040 20mm 16mm copper MCPCB.

Next week ,i will add links of other osram LED flashlights.

i got driver for KR CSLNM1.23 and 8A driver for KW CULPM1.TG

My wallet....

Annoying but i can't help my self, S21B in grey color, will it be available also? I have only grey Convoys, wouldn't change now to black S21B.

Eagerly waiting for the 4040 gaskets and the 22mm 8A driver to put it together with a CULPM1.TG in a L21a