【convoy】Golden S3 available now




That makes three of us!

I hope Convoy will make Anduril an option for the new and updated flashlights. Also usb-c charger for as many as possible. Most will then probably chose Anduril.

What is the difference in lumen and throw between:
Gray Convoy S2+ with samsung LH351D ,Ra>90,DTP copper board ,ar-coated glass lens
Gray convoy S2+ with luminus sst40 ,copper DTP board and ar-coated inside, Temperature protection management, up to 1800lm

The maximum output for the LH351D version probably will be a bit less than the Wukkos FC11 (FET driver), rated as 1300lm, but not very different. SST40 gets about 1600lm. Let’s say the LH351D output should be about 75% of the SST40 version output.

Edit: precise lumen measurements would require a well calibrated integrating sphere.

YES YES YES, i cant wait to see this.

It’s actually nice that Convoy use their own simple UI, not many of my customers like Anduril and very difficult to sell.

Anduril v2 is another story, once it’s out of its testing phase

I would love the 1 mode 100% if you make it available for sale :slight_smile:

A 1/4”–20 thread would be a good addition to these lights for tripod mounting (like in the Q8).

The inner diameter is now 22mm
the thickness of the walls is 2.3mm

i have few 3V XHP50.2 LED in stock ,
I can also install XHP50.2 as you require.
It’s just that I personally don’t like the uneven light spot of XHP50.2.

The inner diameter is now 22mm

There are many other COB manufacturers that are just as good but cheaper, such as Samsung and Citizen. There are super cheap Getian Opto-Electronics, but less efficient ones. I made a lamp on Citizen CLU048-1212 80CRI 3500k Verison 6 I really liked the light.

In my experience XHP50 is more effective than SST40 and even 3 * XPL. Heats up weaker.

I also prefer the XHP50.2 over the SST40 for output and efficiency. One note though XHP50.2 must be at or below 5700K to reduce that yellow and green color aura. 5000K seems to be the sweet spot with an OP reflector with output about 20% greater than the SST40. If it’s only for throw then the SST40 all the way.

I need a 1500 meters thrower, 4500lm, 3000k, ramping, ipx7/5, usb-c and temp regulation with highest possible sustained lm. 1x21700 or 2x21700. Can pay 120 usd incl. shipping.

You can post WTB...

I have a 5000k xhp50.2 i grabbed from Kaidomain back in 2019 before they sold out and had it in my zoomie for a while before I swapped it into a C8 on a fet driver. I since took it out and it’s now in my parts bin. The Corona is less than the 6500k version, but still there. the tint is better. No way to know when it will be back in stock. I guess it’s going into a lot of industrial products and not many for the general consumer market? Supply/demand maybe. Tyne xhp50.2 is a pretty special emitter though. Besides the sbt90.2 no other 3v emitter can beat it for output without being driven ro death.

Would like to see a dedomed XHP 50.2 3000k-5700k in a thrower, how long it throws compared to SST-40 and NM.1.

The NM1 will outthrow it by far.