【convoy】Golden S3 available now

It definitely gives the light a different look and looks great on my S6(Deadpool Light):

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I do have a question . Why was the spring on the driver side abandoned in favor of a solid post? It seems that for a long time the spring on the driver was pretty standard. At some point many lights from lots of manufacturers switched to the solid post design.
Is it cheaper or easier to manufacture?
I think that having a properly selected spring on both ends might solve the disconnection problem as well as protecting the cell and driver batter.

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Simon, have you find a shipping method with prepaid duties for Greece, EU?

Simon, any update on that 5A driver for the T3?

Having a spring means you can’t have components near it as it will deform and potentially short (I have killed a 6V8A driver doing exactly that)

You could solve this potentially by desoldering the post and sanding it down, then soldering it between the driver and a button top adapter with a spring on the other side.

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Question for the community: Can anyone tell me what Convoy host these TIR’s will fit?
They are for 7070 LED’s
Outside diameter 35 mm
Height 17.8 mm
I’m looking to put the 12 degree lens on an XHP 70.3 Hi.

18350 tube for H1
convoylight link
aliexpress link

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Ok, please leave me a message via aliexpress or send private message to Inbox

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Host is ready , need time to produce suitable driver

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Send you a message via Ali message center. :slight_smile:

First pic looks like some sort of very shrunken C8, only without the grooves in the head :smiley: But with some grooves it looks good! I was a fan of the JAX Mini C8 (JAXMAN M8) earlier in the days. Was great, in size and design and also price. Unfortunately nowadays they are no longer easily available.

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The size of the drive is small and there is not enough room available for the spring.

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Yanwen logistics, duty-free
You can place an order directly on my personal website.

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Yes, I have got the sample.

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M21H , M26D

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I like the design! I cannot wait to purchase with a W1 emitter, the first picture really shows its amazing design :grin:

Thanks Simon!

Can I get a 6v 8 amp driver on either the M21H or m26D?

I like this. What is driver size?

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Those look great!

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