【convoy】got some NICHIA 719A R9050 LED sample

it should be light green coated , just not so obvious

yes, rubber

I'd love to have a pebbled TIR optic inside a T2 or T3, I prefer those a lot over reflectors for very close up stuff.

Excellent. Thanks, Simon!

I have a little question.
I want to change a lens on a S2+ with 519A.

I’m not sure about what to buy :

- Lentille LED 10/25/45/60 degrés, bande lumineuse pour XML XML2 | AliExpress


i recommend bead tir lens

4x18a mod SFP55 22.000 lumens , but at the moment driver max output only 18amps = 8000 lumens . Waiting for Simon produce 80amps driver so it can max 22.000 lumens


Mod SFP55

Where did you find that monster?

My friend bring it from china . This is the new version of SFH55

You don’t happen to have a URL?

Asking for a friend :innocent:


At least that driver is fully regulated at top brightness, something I wish was true of the L8.


Unfortunately 4X18A’s 3V driver (the one used in the SBT90.2 model which the user “4X18A” used) is not fully regulated on Turbo (see my regulation testing below). It’s fully regulated on all the other modes though, which L8 is not AFAIK.

L7 is fully regulated on all modes (see my regulation testing below), which is very impressive for the price. Not even Thrunite’s $250 TN42 V2 could manage that.

I modified my driver to 25A output. TacGriz, did you use included Liitokalas on your testing? It could be that it is regulated, but battery voltage just sags enough for it to drop out of regulation. In my tests those Liitokalas give little over 7A in direct drive lights and 18A/4 is 5.5A. Maybe enough to cause voltage to sag.


I want see which of these drivers is less bright.
Can you post a photo comparison between the13 group driver powered by Ni-Mh AA batt.

and the 4x7135 new firmware driver powered by lithium?


Both drivers set at minimum level brightness with same Led type


Could you please share how to mod 25A ?

Just by lowering current sense resistor value. If you remove the driver it has 2 big resistors with R020 written on them. So 10mOhm for 18A. From there you can calculate sensing voltage. Knowing the voltage you just change the amperage to your desired value in U=RI equation.
U=10mOhm*18A-> U=180mV.
R=U/I-> R=180mV/25A-> R=7.2mOhm.
Edit: I have tested it to function with 25A, but there’s always risk for something to break.

Thank you very much ! I have removed the switch and 2 screws but the driver still too tight can not get it out , I missed something ?

Wires to led are holding it in place. And maybe to switch also.

I removed all wires to led , switch , 2 screws but the driver still not move . Can you remember how to get it out ?

I used NCR18650GA’s for my testing but I think your explanation is correct. As the cells are depleted, the voltage will sag lower, and eventually it sags lower than the LED’s Vf so you cannot get full brightness.

That’s been my experience with all the SBT90.2 lights I’ve tested that have one cell, or multiple cells in parallel. I think SBT90.2 is best driven my multiple cells in series with a high current buck driver like in Convoy L7.