Convoy H2 bezel tightness improvement

Completely agree. During winter I use my headlamps for up to an hour a day, being able to just plug in a USB-C cable and forget about it is a real convenience factor. I wouldn’t ever want to have to choose one or the other (i.e. integrated charger but non-removeable battery) but having options is worth a small increase in weight.

Does anyone know what size star is on this, and if it’s possible to replace it with the below (Osram green emitter on a 16mm or 20mm star)?!GBP!£5.23!£5.23!!!!!%402100bdd716685079978241697ef2ec!10000015726216425!sh

16mm. It’s replaceable. But I can’t confirm if voltage and current regulation of the driver are suitable with that emitter.

I’m eyeing the H2 right now. Does it require a mod to fit the TIR lenses available on the Convoy store?

I used convoy’s 20mm lens too. It’s necessary to grind it’s diameter smaller (most of the top lip gets removed)

The copper spacer is optional (1.8 to 2.0 mm thickness is good). Without the spacer you need to use the original ar-lens and plastic “gasket”. So basically you just swap the reflector to a tir-lens.

In my opinion less lenses stacked is better, so I preferred the spacer mod. Also to my eyes LH351D’s tint looks better without purple ar-coating.