【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

The NM1 will outthrow it by far.

Well, I've always been interested in sunlight or blackbody radiator spectrum leds, and leds with those characteristics can be found. I have Guangzhou Juhong Optoelectronics in my favorite stores list for this precise reason (I straight linked to the Plant grow led module -> Sunlight spectrum led).

Take a look at this 10W 1700K CoB:

Driving these leds from li-ion cells requires special boost drivers. The Vf is quite high, consequence of their multiple dies in series arrangement. According to the specified Vf the one above must be 10 or 12S.

I have a 4x LH351B 3000K CRI90 custom made bedroom lamp, and definitively I find it too high CCT for a bedroom lamp. Of course, for comparison purposes I am also using a 25W e14 incandescent bulb powered lamp. I still have a bunch of these old school bulbs, they're a tad dim but quite nice. Their CCT is noticeably warmer than 3000K.

I think XHP35 HI and SST-40 have equal throw. XHP35 gives you more tint options.
I consider to buy Convoy L21A XHP35 4000K over the SST40 5000K version.

Or I will wait for a CSLNM1 with warmer tint.

The xhp35 hi has more tint options. Hard to say whether it will out throw the sst40. It has no dome and pretty high surface luminance. It will make slightly less lumens than a well driven and cooled sst40. The downside is the xhp needs 12v and is only driven to around 2.5A max.

I agree , Anduril & USB-C :+1:

imho : It will be great if convoy make flashlights with Anduril. Maybe even better with Anduril-2 , it seems to have a very useful & practical Simple UI , more solid than “muggle mode” of Anduril-1 , that’s from what I read on
Anduril-2 thread…

Convoy have M21C-U’s UI with ramping mode. I don’t have M21C-U but from what I read here it’s a very good UI.

M21C-U :

Mon, 08/24/2020 , #2956

Mon, 08/24/2020 , #2955

Thu, 08/27/2020 , #2964

If there will be no full-blown Anduril at all, then this new Convoy ramping UI I think is very good and sufficient for most people.

That being said, i do really hope Convoy make flashlight with Anduril.
Maybe the new version of M21C-U : “M21C-U Anduril , and M21C-U Regular” ?
Something like Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril and Sofirn SP36S.

Same idea as RapidLux’s :

No love for plain ol’ Narsim? My Q8s have it (except momentary mode, which I wish v1.0 had), my GTmicros have it, my ’minis have it, and it’s quite handy.

Even my DC7 has a rudimentary ramping UI that has most of the shortcuts (eg, press’n’hold for moonlight, 2click for turbo, etc.), that’s a sort of lobotomised Narsim. Definitely not it, but has the features that count.

Anduril/Anduril 2 isn’t going to happen based on current history. Simon’s driver manufacturer wants to obfuscate hardware used, and the license for Anduril won’t allow that.

Anduril might be popular with flashlight enthusiasts, but for many it is over complicated and confusing. Whilst I like it, I’ve had a lot of complaints from other light painting photographers who purchased FW series lights and just can’t get the grips with it, or have managed to change the config/get stuck in wrong mode. Not everyone likes ramping either, and I preferred the choice of mode groups in Narsil.

I quite like Biscotti, though would prefer a 10Hz strobe instead of the alternating frequency strobe which killed off sales of the S2+ to light painting photographers.

I like biscotti as well, but i really miss the previous mode select which the BLF A6 has.
For now we can only select next mode.

Please incorporate previous mode in biscotti

Wow! Even better than the 2000K E21A for inducing sleep! I wish a flashlight manufacturer makes a light with this emitter.

Find a different, more open minded driver manufacturer willing to work with the proper microcontrollers. It's accessible and its all what it takes!

Can still see a “blue peak” in it LoL! :-D

Agreed :wink:

That sounds pretty good.

What do You think about 2x21700 flashlights like Fenix LR35R?
I think it would be great compromise between size&weight and runtime&power.
I would love to see a Convoy flashlight like this.


I will ask Sofirn what they think about making a HighCRI COB flashlight. The biggest challenge will be finding/developing a suitable driver. What voltage does it use, 40V? I remember VOB once built a BLF GT with a COB LED, using a 40V driver with a potentiometer.

Biscotti has last mode memory. If you turn it off on 35, then when you turn it back on it will be on 35 which is how mode memory should work. The older S2+ 3/5 mode interface had an annoying mode memory timer, which meant it often advanced modes when you didn’t want it to.

I do not honestly know what voltage do these employ, but since they likely are 10S emitters their Vf will be somewhere between the mid 20s to high 30s V depending on current load.

To better know this and many other relevant things some CoB emitter test is required. I would likely buy some and send them to djozz (if he is willing to test them, hope he is - will ask him via p.m.) or maybe maukka, I've done stuff like this in the past too (for example I finally bought Henrik these newer higher density 26700 LiFePO4 cells for review, their test result should be up soon). However doing it just by myself gives me the creeps, mostly because my health needs to receive my scarce funds and my bank account regularly hovers in the low two figures…

In any case, we need to attract the attention of some to decide what to test, gather whatever funds to buy the emitters, buy and send them to our reviewer.

They have all sorts of of CCTs, a few sizes and many power ratings. The categories to check, firstly Sunlight spectrum, and probably at least some test in Full Spectrum.