【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

Another +1 for USB-C. MicroUSB doesn’t belong on newly-introduced products in 2019 even if it’s cheaper.

I noticed some interesting options for the XHP50.2 emitters listed in the Convoy store. The description says “Ra(H4-3A)=90 other Ra= 70”.

First of all, an XHP50.2 in a rosy tint bin with 90 CRI? Given the reputation of current generation Cree emitters, I’ll believe it when maukka’s photospectrometer sees it, but that could be pretty amazing. Of course, it will still likely need heavy texturing or some diffusion for a nice looking beam.

And then there are 40G and 30G lumped in with those “others” that have Ra=70. This is not listed in the datasheet; might these actually be Ra=80?

i can produce some 20mm drivers or 20mm to 17mm adapter ring.

i will get some carclo lens first and check if i should do adjustions

a little longer ,and diameter 26mm


i use CREE XML2 because it has floody beam ,
SST20 makes the beam too narrow

Making SST-20 BLF variant for H1 would be great, even if a bit more expensive for us.

Maybe you think that I am out of date, but in fact most people use the micro usb interface.


This is not because of cost, but actually most people use micro usb.

This is not particularly important. In fact, because the spot of XHP50 is not uniform, color rendering is meaningless unless we use a TIR lens.

Indeed, the SST-20 is very throwy for a headlamp. The LH351D is not - if anything, it’s a bit more floody than the XM-L2. It’s also very efficient for a high-CRI emitter.

Most smartphones made in the past 3 years use USB-C. Most people in the US and Europe have a phone that uses USB-C now unless they’re iPhone users. Other markets may be different, but many of us do not want to buy any more devices using the older connector. USB-C is also more durable, and being non-directional is much more convenient.

That’s… mostly true, and I hate recent Cree emitters for it. Colors are still more vivid though even if they’re not more accurate with the higher Ra emitters. If they’re Ra=80, saying they’re Ra=70 will only hurt your sales. If they’re actually Ra=70 in a bin not listed in the datasheet, it would be interesting to know that.

In this case, I need to produce two versions, one micro USB, one type-c,
the spot of luminus sst40 is great,it’s a pity that it doesnt have high CRI LED or 4000K Tc

Thanks for not totally removing the Micro USB Simon! Although I perfectly understand the concerns of people who want USB Type-C being since it is, personally, better. Sadly where I’m from Micro USB is still the most used cable where you can literally experience the woes of people who use USB Type-C having a hard time borrowing cables when they left theirs. I do have Micro USB to Type-C adapters though so this is just me sharing my day-to-day experiences.

Taking me as an example, when iphone 4 went on the market, my family started to buy iphone, but gradually found that iphone did not meet our usage habits, and with the improvement of android phone quality, my family began to buy Chinese brand mobile phone with micro USB.

Although type-c is better than micro-USB, its decisive role is our usage habits.

Perhaps it’s regional - I’m an iPhone user, but every Android phone I see sold in Australia is USB-C; there’s very few of the Chinese brands that I see on AX/BG make it through to wide-scale market here.

That said - thanks for being willing to listen.

Sorry, I may have missed. Can you tell me Convoy H1 has thermal control?

Simon can you use “biscotti firmware” for this driver ? https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/17mm-22mm-driver-for-luminus-sst40-LED/330416_32989372464.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.15.dc483cf1vgnL8s

Dear Simon! When will Convoy H1 be available on Aliexpress? Will there be a discount for BLF members? Thank! :wink:

Its true i only just got a phone with USB type C like 6-7 months ago and micro USB is defiantly still more popular worldwide more devices are sold with micro USB than type c. Convoy is not only servicing one country they might get a lot of sales from countries that don’t have the latest tech so Simon has to cater to all markets. Even as community we probably only make up a small percentage of sales for Convoy.