【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

When I insert an LED with a dome, there are no such problems.
I understand that the problem is with the reflector, can someone solve the problem?

Try shimming up the centering gasket. I like to stick some masking tape on the back side of the gasket and then trim around the edges with an exacto knife. That will elevate it a bit. A few layers of tape may be enough to adjust the focus and get that spot to go away.

I know with Noctigon DM11, Hank was having the same issue. Then he started putting in some spacers to raise the optic up a bit and now the B35AM beam looks fine.

Is it possible for the ‘2.5A driver for red light’ to have 12 groups firmware?

Thanks! I tried, it’s still not right. Simon promised to release OP reflector for m21b under b35am in a couple of weeks

I’d bet it needs lowered if anything. I.e. thinning the gasket. The B35A is a quad die, so it may always have a slight donut hole in an SMO, but I feel it shouldn’t be too bad.

I stuck one in a L2. Still need to adjust the gasket (higher or lower, don’t know yet) , but i like it so far.

See also comment #10979 concerning a slightly darker center.

Don’t have time to mess with the gasket height at the moment (sick 3yo at home), but I did manage to snap a photo of the darker spot with the L2 SMO. It starts to become visible at 1.5m. Under that, the beam is even.

Hi Simon :face_with_monocle:

Why don’t you print the CE marking on the covering boxes that come with your flashlights? It could save prospective customers from potential hassle with local customs officers in Europe.

I would buy that driver immediately. It bugs me that my blue and green osram Convoys have the 12 group UI and my red Convoy has a totally different UI.

Will the L8 be back in stock soon?

Thanks. With the 519A coming, I’m sure I’ll be putting another Convoy order in soon, and will get the M3-C diffuser with that order.


Simon, do you have a datasheet of the GT-FC40 that you’re allowed to share? There’s nothing to be found online.

…but with a decent 10Hz strobe please.

It is harder to visually tell the difference between changes to intensities in red, so I don’t know if that was reasoning behind the different UI.

No, I don’t think that.
First of all, right angle flashlight isn’t just for wearing it on a headstrap. I know multiple truck drivers, car mechanics, production engineers, etc. that just prefer right angle flashlight with magnetic tail cap.
On the other hand the weight difference is not that much and with properly adjusted headstrap there is literally no difference on your head between something like convoy h1 and fireflies pl47g2.
People appreciate additional runtime and/or power that comes from 21700 battery.
Just take a look on wurkkos hd20 or fireflies pl47g2. Both fantastic flashlights and hd20 has even double reflector that adds even more weight. Still great flashlight.
I’d really love to see Your take on right angle 21700 flashlight because I always prefer convoy design and construction.

Easy, buy the 12 group 17mm 7135*8 driver (HERE ) and remove two of the 7135 chips on it

The battery probably will last a tiny bit less since its less efficient compared to the dedicated buck driver,
but you will now have the same UI

Are you referring to the red Osram? If so, it has a lower forward voltage, just removing 7135 chips won’t work.

Yes, why?

The forward voltage can be as low as it wants, you limit the current with the 7135 chips.
and if you remove two, you’re below the maximum current of 2,5A which is safe for the Red Osram

The excess voltage will be converted into heat by the driver, so it will be less efficient, but the LED won’t be harmed

M21B orange peel reflector with 7mm bottom hole in production ,this will be suitable for B35AM

Maybe it didn’t draw my attention because I didn’t have a problem with this. My main business is retail, so I don’t face rigorous scrutiny when the goods go through customs. Some of my wholesale customers, they will ask me to stick the ce logo on the outer box.

My initial idea was to make the mode simple, and I thought that the main consumers of red light were hunters, so I didn’t directly apply the 12groups program.