【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

Thanks. I just climbed up on a chair and took a quick and rude measurement in a lamp I made with these MCPCBs long ago, and the distance of the emitter centers from the center of the board looks to be about 6mm or very very close.

I may take a closer look at it tomorrow, taking down the lamp. But it looks like the stuff could “mix and match” well.

Didn't notice this before.

Yes, that would be cool. Simon's 4S or 12V boost drivers (2.5A with brass cylinder post, or 2.3A without), can manage the task, pretty sure. For a triple their current output could be tuned up somewhat higher, to 3A or so safely, although it would require swapping the sense resistor. I may venture into this.

Same one? 3.21€ |Triple Quad kupfer DTP MCPCB und TIR objektiv| | - AliExpress

If so, 22.5mm or so.

I just ordered the M21E and M21F. According to Simon’s test, the tint is above the BBL so I’ll fix it with a piece of minus green LEE filter! Can’t wait to test these new night lights!

Simon, when will the cyan 18350 battery tube be back in stock?

3A should be fine. I measured that these have 10A input limit, but it’s easily adjustable. I put some photos in what did you mod today -thread few weeks ago.

Edit: added Link

I see. I really didn't figure out they were MP3431 based, and so I used a conservative figure. However, raising the input limit the power output could be a lot higher, like for example (almost) twice with twice the input current.

However, you said nothing with regards to what value for…

… this resistor. Should I look into the MP3431 datasheet?

Here you installed a bigger inductor, and swapped that resistor for a 220KΩ. Why? Because if it was to lower the maximum output voltage there is really no reason to do it as far as I know, the driver should properly adjust its output voltage for lower voltage emitter setups (2S or 3S).

The emitter spacing is the same as on the standard triple MCPCBs for Carclo optics. The diameter is 25mm. The Kaidomain triple board should fit.

The problem is that the reflector sits right on the MCPCB so there should be no solder joints in the middle but only at the side. If the reflector is a little too high because of cables underneath there is a great risk of dedoming the leds when you close the flashlight. It happened to me with XPL2s that are particularly easy to accidentally dedome. :person_facepalming:

i stop the production of the 18350 tube with trapezoidal thread
what about 18350 tube with other color?

If I remember correctly I changed input limit resistor to 15kOhm.

I don’t know is it able to adjust output voltage. I had previously done Some Convoy 2.3 A XHP35 driver modding and I noticed this one has similar boost circuit.

In XHP35 drivers case, output voltage was modified, so I did it in mine also.

First I tried 247kOhm resistor and with it the original smaller inductor and it started to flicker on 100% mode and couldn’t reach highest theorical current, which was 6,2A with current sense resistor I was using.

With this later setup it worked fine.

Understandable that trapezoidal is fased out. Will cyan come back with rectangular threading at some point? Love the color.

Also on the product page it says “Currently only cyan S2+ has trapezoidal thread!”. Does this mean all S2+ colours sold now have rectangular threading? I mean entire hosts, not just the 18350 tube.
Never mind, just found you answered this question already

Just ordered a blue 18350 tube this morning. Have red, green and orange already. These make great little hosts for the coloured Osram emitters and blue was the only 1 missing :slight_smile:

Hi Simon .

Do you have any plan for SFN55.2 and SFH55 ?

Simon mentioned he is sceptical about the output advertised…

I would love to see the L8 with SFH55 and a 26800 battery.

SFH55 works great in 4x18A with little driver modding. Direct replacement, if 18A is enough for you.

Some green S2+ with trapezoidal in stock currently

currently no plan

The SFN55.2 and SFH55 have great specifications and are perfect in 3V but they are way too green. It would be great if they would be produced with lower DUV and high CRI.

I like how you think, I've done just the same. I'm also missing a Cyan S2+ in my collection!

Hi Simon.

How is the production of this light and the 7*XHP70.2 one coming along?

Also, do you plan to sell them with GT FC40? Something like 10,000 lumens of 1800K light would be amazing!