【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

What is the diameter of the driver in the S16 flashlight?



So, I have a question: my M21B GT-FC40 should be coming relatively soon, and I know the driver itself outputs 12V at 2.5A.

Since I’m going to be ordering some 6V GT FC30 samples very soon, I’m wondering how I could actually change the output voltage and current itself on the 12V driver to make it work at 6V 3A/4A.

I’ve tried looking at this thread to help me out, but I can’t seem to find anything very detailed on the subject:

You change the value of top resistor of the FB voltage divider for ~6Vout, with the example of the XHP35 driver you linked, the top and bottom resistors are R16=470k and R17=47k :

top R = bot R x (Vout - VFB) / VFB = 47 x (6 - 1) / 1 = 235k

Then you adjust the current sense resistor for the desired current.

How I did it

thefreeman and haukkeli, thanks a lot for the help :smiley:

Simon, any idea when this new light gray MAO will be available in the S2+? With an 18350 tube as well? Pretty please?
I need another S2+ but with a 519A 4500K.

Which lights and lenses now come with green AR coating?

Hi Simon

What is MCPCB size of 4x18a and 3x21a sbt90.2 ? 25mm right ?

4X18A uses a 25mm MCPCB. Pic below.

I’m not sure about 3X21A because there’s also that triple version too. Based on the below photo from 1Lumen, I suspect it’s larger than 25MM and I also suspect the SBT version’s MCPCB is the same size.

You can see that the space around the MCPCB in 3X21A is much narrower than the space around the PCB in 4X18A so 3X21A must have a significantly larger MCPCB.

I suppose it would be possible for Simon to have multiple holes drilled to support different MCPCB sizes though, which would be an interesting solution.

Hi Simon

Couple of questions —

1. Is the body and tailcap of the S21A compatible and can be swapped with S16?

2. Can I order a forward switch for the S16 and M21B from your store?


I’m intrigued by this as well. They SEEM to be interchangeable based on these listings from Skylumen where the body tubes are swapped. I know S21A/B will Lego, and S16, S21D, and S12 all use the same body tube AFAIK. Theoretically they’ll all Lego. Hopefully Simon can confirm.

For the forward switch, you can buy this pack of forward switches, trim their leads a little shorter, and solder them to the stock PCB after de-soldering the stock reverse clicky switch. Then just cut the nub off the inside of the rubber switch boot.

25mm in 4X18A
40mm in 3X21A

Can I install 25mm on 3x21a ?

25mm SBT90.2 or 25mm XHP70.2?
uh ,why not use 40mm MCPCB

I asked sbt90.2 . In your store only with 25mm MCPCB , can’t find 40mm ?

Received a load of Convoy lights today, so here’s an updated unofficial and incomplete list. Disclaimer: not double checked, so no guarantees! This is purely based on my own purchases (and only certain host colours and emitters, no idea if this matters).

Green AR;

  • M21B
  • M1
  • S2+
  • S3
  • C8+
  • L21B

Purple AR;

  • S21B
  • M21C
  • T4
  • L6

no AR;

  • T3

I ordered a B35am Z1 back in January, and the LED did not smoke, even over several long tests at full power. Not sure what changed.

Simon, can I buy a green AR lens as an upgrade for my S2+ and C8?

I will buy new lenses if I know I will get the new version.