【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

Bump! I’m still hoping to see if anyone knows the answer before I place my order.

Given that there are some drivers out there that require the ring to be modified, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has asked about spare retaining rings for the S2+.

Simon will surely add the ring to your order for free if you leave him a message.

That ring does not fit the S2 or S2+ because they are made for 17mm drivers. That retaining ring/adapter is for larger hole pills (20mm) to make a 17mm driver to fit there. Withouh that, the pill will be suitable for 20mm drivers.

In case you need a retaining ring for a S2/S2+ pill, maybe you can ask Simon directly, I’m sure he’ll send you one :wink:

Thanks. That was how I thought the dimensions were meant to be interpreted, but wasn’t quite sure, and I didn’t know Simon takes off-menu requests. I’ll be placing my order tonight.

i can add some S2+ retaining ring for free in your order ,just remind me in your order

I get 500pcs 4000K and 500pcs 5000K now,
not greenish or rosy

yes, uh ,pls give me some time ,i will add link

Just revieved a half dozen holsters and my first convoy tube light- the s21b with xhp50 5000k, everything is fantastic!

Thank you Simon! Quick shipping and flawless products.

Never knew what I was missing with this simple little light! Fantastic size and functions great, beam is awesome.

What could make it better you say? When your KR4 pocket clips PERFECTLY fits on your convoy s21b, that’s what! Can’t wait for my new batch of kr4 deep carry clips to come in now.

Amazing to hear!

And you still have a working flashlight? The electrical path was not disconnected installing clip?


And you still have a working flashlight? The electrical path was not disconnected installing clip?


I “extended” the connection using a length of 18 gauge copper wire - same thickness as the clip “band”- bent into a circle the same size as the contact point in the tail cap (outer ring). Takes a couple tries of trimming and refitting and flattening.

Did the same thing on my d4v2 to install the fw3a clip a week or two ago. They both have been working well. Please don’t tell me this is a terrible idea… :cry:

Oh, right...

Happy with Convoy clip so far...

I wish for a customized tint mixing light from Convoy,smaller than IF25.

I was looking for a clip for s21b on simons AX store, couldn’t find one.

I’m planning to buy this clip for the S21A/B. It must be good.

yea i have seen tis one on AX before, but when looking into it more i don’t like having the exposed nut holding the screws on. Would definitely work though, and with some locktite (superglue) would probably never come off on its own

That clip is soft and it won’t hold heavy S21.

What i’m using is standard S2/S2+ clip (clip on) which works great with big brother.

When given the choice, I think its always best practice to select a –0.0020 DUV in the neutral whites (3750-5250K). In my opinion, when you go above or below this, returning to the BBL is fine.

SKV, I wasn’t so lucky with the 4000k fc40 sample that I received late 2020. I don’t have a way to measure, but I’d say its well over +0.0100. With two layers of eighth minus green AND Joshks paint, its still slightly green. Honestly the subjective color rendering before tint correction was easily worse than 80cri XPLHDs and even my 4000k MTG2. Saturation was terrible. Its okay now, but there’s angular tint shift due to the filters and output has dropped too much. Waiting on one from Simon now. Hope these truly are BBL.

i installed one in L6,color is good in my opinion