【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

Sharing the same sentiment here. I still don’t have a USB type-C charger myself since I don’t have a USB type-C phone. I understand the high-end Android phones use type-C, but here in our country (SouthEast Asia), micro-USB is still a LOT more common than USB type-C. Maybe having 2 choices (micro-USB & type-C) during this transitionary period would be good.

I do understand that going forward, USB type-C is the way to go, but for now (at least in our part of the world), it’s still not common, and type-C chargers are still rarer and much more expensive… (I would say that budget-priced phones using micro-USB are still far more common here)…

I’m guessing it’s people who have phones with usb-c, who are pushing usb-c, no?

All my phones (a few years old at minimum, as I’m not a Phone Guy) all have micro-usb, and I don’t have anything — literally anything — that uses usb-c.

But everything else I have, from small chargers, wireless earpieces/headphones, literally everything else that needs charging, all take micro-usb. Even older usb hard drives still take micro-usb, except for newer ones that are usb-3.

I still have a few items that take mini-usb, but those are few, yet I still need the cables for them, too.

So all those “kits” that include a cell and cheapie charger… are those chargers now going to be usb-c instead?

My point being, it’s not just phones that are out there that need charging. You have to consider all the other doodads people have, and what connectors they use.

No you don’t. Get an adapter and join us in this century when you are ready… your Convoy light will outlive your slow tech adoption, trust me gramps :slight_smile:

Micro usb is really a thing of the past, you can buy usb micro to usb c adapter for about a buck if you purchase in multiples on amazon

Hi Simon, how about a 21700 S3?? Something with an integrated shelf.

Well, yeah, it’s nice to have that kind of arrogance about it, the whole “get with the future, gramps” attitude, but as plenty of others here already mentioned, in other parts of the world, usb-c is not prevalent, while micro-usb is still ubiquitous.

Just saying it’s nicer to the rest of the planet to still allow them to charge a light natively vs having to buy different adapters/chargers/cables for it.

I making “light” of it but I still think you are wrong and your argument does not hold water. If your light lasts 5 years (it will) then the first 1-2 (for you) will not require an adapter generally. In the final 3 years you will need some legacy adapter anyways cause you will have switched. You are being short sighted just cause right now you see your situation and the situation of “other parts of the world”. Maybe you can tally up those countries in the stone ages and see where they fall when it comes to total sales of these companies.

I wonder what size batches need to be made in both MicroUSB and USB-C - then it could be compared what the sales are of each. Considering it fills some pretty nice specs - 2.5A, 16mm PCB (so lots of emitter change potential), possible TIR support (I’ll be trying it, for sure)… word gets around, and it could end up on the recommended list for a lot of people.

Also it’s not like cables die when you get a new phone, I still have lots of micro USB cables around even though I’ve been in the iOS ecosystem for years. So if someone who now uses micro gets a micro one, when they switch to C, it’s not like they’re going to be stuck.

As long as it’s available to everyone (ie. both options), I don’t see a problem.

Amusingly, the first USB-C device I owned was a flashlight. That was pretty much the only thing I liked about the Wuben T102 I got from Banggood for review. Phones, tablets and a fair number of laptops these days use USB-C for charging. Other devices have been slower to adopt it, and I previously had the impression cost was the main reason.

A quality flashlight (and I do count Convoy as one) bought today will live to see the day when USB-C is prevalent everywhere and MicroUSB is rare… though the MicroUSB port on it might not last as long. I’ve actually been holding off on buying chargers and powerbanks in the hope that more of them will make the switch. The only thing tempting me to allow another MicroUSB port into my life right now is the Nitecore F4 powerbank. It’s not the first 4x18650 powerbank, but it may be the first one without serious issues.

Most of the TP4056 style charging boards are still using micro USB so i think changing to type c will add cost when using of the shelf parts. I have nothing against type c but most of my other devices besides my phone are still micro USB.
Sure i like the extra power type c can offer but max charge current you would see on a light is 2amps which is well within micro USB specs.

Id prefer to not have on board charging all together its more robust overall.

I am using USB C for over 3 years now with my cellphone.
All cheaper phones are indeed still using micro USB, but just my opinion, why use an outdated USB type?
Or at least, offer the option for USB C or micro USB?

One of my phones in fact has a usb connector (for data), but still uses a pin-type coax plug for charging, so I know all about legacy connectors. So I’m not even thinking about my own personal situation at all. I don’t particularly care either way.

I do recall threads here where someone was looking specifically for AA lights, and was almost ridiculed for not considering Li cells instead. Where he lived or was traveling, AA primaries were readily available, but not necessarily outlets for charging.

But again, there comes that arrogance (maybe not you personally, but certainly the attitude), that anyone who still relies on micro-usb is in the “stone ages”. Order any kit (light + cell + charger) and see if the charger takes micro or C. Like it or not, micro is still ubiquitous, and C is still relatively new.

The answer might be as simple as including the cable along with the light. Some would, some won’t. Just saying it’s not particularly nice to shut out a rather large segment of buyers just to be bleeding-edge.

Also, 24 fine-pitched contacts won’t be nearly as beefy as 5 somewhat wider ones.

Hell, I’d rather go to a magnetic-contact charging port… even if proprietary.

Yes please. If you could produce some 20 mm 7135x3 (or more) single mode drivers - that would be great!

Hi Simon,

Hope we are not working you too hard :slight_smile:
Are you still planning on drivers with Attiny85v chips?

I think you can short one of the pins on the MCU and make it single mode with the 7135s drivers?

no thermal control

what about 22mm 7135*14 with biscotti ?

after 1.5months,sorry

21700 s3 ,integrated head,
add charging port,
what about this ?

yes,i’m testing it