【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

I just took out my bench power supply, and just shoved 10A on that remote switch. After couple seconds it got very hot under the switch buttons so I stopped. Now the momentary switch isn't clicking anymore, and I smell burning plastic. So yes, just burned one of them with only 10A.
The remote switch took 24W of power. The main mode switch still works, but the momentary is toasted.

The M12B on 100% is taking around 10A at 4.2V.

Did the same thing to normal switch, and nothing happened (it was working fine for minute, no heat, works fine)

I was interested in these switches - aren't their electrical operating ranges disclosed? They should be stated clearly for everyone's safety. The S2+ and C8+ remote switches shouldn't have a problem since they usually run at 5A or lower - but I have a GT-FC40 in my M21B , wary of using one of these with a Boost circuit.

It worked . Thank you very much ! Hope no problem with covid lockdown .

I my M3-C :smiley:

Nice photo!

I’m sorry about the smoke from the B35AM. I have tried to find MCPCB with high thermal conductivity, but without success, the thermal conductivity of the MCPCB insulation layer currently used is 1.0.
I adjusted the output current of the driver to 2.4A and the LED no longer smoked.
I will be producing a batch of 22mm B35AM custom drivers with an output current of 2.3A.

The following are the color rendering parameters and DUV of B35AM.

What is the lumen output of the B35AM at 2.3A? 1500-2000? I’m not overly familiar with the B35AM

For the 5000K R9080 B35 at 2.3A you get max real 1200lm OTF (after light losses).

1400LM or so ( Light losses caused by reflectors and lenses are not included.)

1400lm is before losses!

I that a M21B with B35AM? Certainly looks like it. Nice easter egg :+1:

Although I haven’t had any smoke issues I do run them on 50% with the 3A driver, just to be safe (and bright enough for my purposes). So the new driver would result in higher output at 2.3A without worries. Nice!

Compliments for following up on the issue and solving it.

So probably similar to XP-L HI once losses are factored in. How much throw/candella could you expect out of this LED in something like the M21B? I presume that’s the light pictured above

M21B B35AM
20KCD 282.8meters range

Will you have a MCPCB with high thermal conductivity in the future?

Currently I can’t find a better MCPCB

Simon, I’ve been waiting for the M21B B35AM for a while now. It seems the reflector is now done, but with the new driver, I’d probably have to wait longer right? Not in a hurry, just want to prevent unrealistic expectations.

Also the new measurements, they are with a light green AR lens I assume? And the old ones were with purple AR coating right?

Old measurement for reference:

The B35AM is such a nice emitter, well worth the special care.

yes, i will produce 2.4A driver for B35AM

Will an M21D body tube fit on an M3-C head, and will an M3-C body tube fit on an M21D head?

not suitable ,the size is different