【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

Is there an updated BLF discount code? The last one I was using stopped working.

I wonder if baking the tube would lighten up the color some for a little less contrast with the cyan ends? Still won’t match.

Are the 4500k 519As out of stock? The option to choose them on any flashlight isn’t available.

Also when will the 519As in other colour temperatures be available?

I’m also waiting for them to be available again, I need to replace the emitter in my S2+ after a mishap I just had last week.
But Simon said something like next month only. :frowning:

Ok, I posted about this on reddit a little while back, but forgot about asking here.

These are beamshots of my S2+ 519a on 10% and 35%

Is this normal? I thought the 5A driver wasn’t supposed to have visible PWM. These photos were taken with 1/6000 shutter speed and 1600 ISO. This wasn’t visible on the 0.1, 1, and 100% modes, though the lower modes were hard to see without decreasing the shutter speed.

I’m getting weird PWM from my S2+ 519A as well. It’s not present on my other 5 convoys with 5A drivers, even my C8+ with the same LED. It is not a problem at all but I am curious why my S2+ 519A is behaving differently.

Yeah, it’s not visible to the eye, it’s just unexpected. Went to take beamshots to compare to my other High CRI lights, only to be like “Uh…. ok, what?”

@ Delta_V; Your link is to Imgur (site), not your beamshots.

Thanks, should be fixed now

that is a problem with digital cameras.

if you can’t see the flicker, don’t worry about it.

Yeah, I know it’s caused by the rolling shutter interacting with the PWM, but…. I didn’t think these 5A drivers were supposed to have PWM.

Same here.

Any waveform rippling (at certain frequencies) can be picked up by phone cameras. Not necessarily PWM.


I will communicate with the driver manufacturer and reply later.

Have you considered shipping the 519a S2+ with the orange peel reflector by default? It seems to have some beam artifacts with a smooth reflector as pointed out by a few users on Reddit.

Thanks. I don’t have any other lights with the 5A driver to compare it with, but I do have an S21B with the 6A driver, and my camera doesn’t show anything like this on that driver.


Simon, is there an estimated time when you receive new 519A emitters?

He suppose to receive 519A emitters from 3000K-5700K in early May…