Convoy Help

I have been interested in purchasing a Convoy light but would like to get some input on what and where to buy.

I am looking for high output without being a very large light. I already have the Kronos sets so I am not looking so much for throw since I have that capability in these lights. I have always heard good things about Mountain Electronics as the place to buy these lights. I found this place. Convoy custom , but I don’t know if the stated output is accurate or if the pricing is decent. Any help would be appreciated.

Simon s the Convoy man!

As where to buy, you can get them from USA based mtnelectronics or different chinese webstores such as gearbest (not recommended), banggood (recommended) or directly from simon convoy aliexpress store (recommended but a bit more expensive). Banggood being the fastest when it comes to shipping.

IMO the two must-have convoy lights are the C8 and secondly the S2+.

The site you linked to is selling those convoys at stupidly high prices, you could easily build the same light for less than $50.

If you want high output in a small size for a good price, take a look at the BLF SE A6 / Astrolux S1 . The build quality is comparable with convoys. The size is similar to Convoy S2.
Astrolux S1 review

What Convoy light are you most interested in ?

Some can be found at

You can also get a host and build your own if interested.

The thing with the astrolux S1 is that not everyone is ready to deal with the heat produced by direct drive, and also convoy lights are more mod-friendly.

I suppose you’re right.
It depends what is meant by high output and small size. At certain point you’re going to run into heat issues with any light.

For a regular person Convoy C8 with 7135 x 8 provides plenty of light.

As for places to buy Convoys, Simon has the best reputation. But I also never had any problems with Convoys from Gearbest or Banggood where I bought several C8 and S2+. However, I’ve heard some people got fake ones from Gearbest.

Lol@ those Convoy Custom prices. That’s robbery…

Interestingly enough I think that they’re also using RMM’s drivers w/ the DrJones guppydrv option. :wink:

I have also seen those custom P60 housings elsewhere… They were in this thread, but the pics are gone due to ImageShack’s closure. The P60’s don’t look like much when compared with Matthaus, EDC Plus Tana, etc.

The url above seems to redirect me to but I don’t speak RU. Am I doing something wrong? Looked for a language preference selector but didn’t see one.

I’ve had this problem w/ AliExpress several times recently. I’m not sure what causes it but once you’re stuck you’re stuck until you delete AliExpress’s cookies. I think most modern browsers allow you to delete individual cookies, I know Chrome does. I normally delete every cookie with Ali in the name. I’d just Google how to do it for your browser. If you’d like to avoid the hassle you can just remove all of your cookies, but that creates it’s own hassles.

FWIW the link works fine for me. It’s definitely the wrong language set in a cookie.

Every time someone post a link to AliExpress , it seams to be in Russian or Bulgarian something I am not familiar with. Then I get lost going to the global site.

This light only stays in direct drive for 45 seconds, I believe. I have the SE A6 (same light) and have never had significant heat issues, due to the automatic step-down in the driver. Best flashlight I own and my EDC, always.

Thanks wright! I removed only the AliExpress cookies and everything is now in English.

Exactly what I had wondered! Thank you for that info.

What about the quoted output of 2500 Lumens? Is this LED lumens instead of OTF lumens or is it simply and exaggeration?

The C8 looks like a very nice light but considering I already have a Kronos X6 in Aluminum, would the C8 be an unnecessary purchase?

I am very interested in the S2+, especially with the triple Nichia setup shown in the custom builds in the link in my OP, although I am concerned about heat and runtime here.

There was also what looked like a shorter version of the S2+ (it was gray in color) on the link in my OP. I believe it ran on an 18350 maybe?

Just looking for a lot of output but with a somewhat more flood and less throw than the Kronos X6.