Convoy Issues

Hey folks i am wondering if i am the only one getting issues with convoy lights right now? I am finding that the threads for all the retaining rings have changed and are worse then the older models? The new C8 retaining rings are bad they seem to be cheaply made? Also the threads are a lot thinner? I know they are reverse threads now! Same issue with the S2+ tail cap threads are bad the retaining ring is so soft that my tweezers went through the ring?

My other issue is this i know the S2+ is cheap but why the heck is the MCPB bent both of my S2+ came like this? I have changed one to a XPG2 on a noctigon. These are my first S2s are they always made like this? Did i get fakes? Even the solder joint are bad! The light came soldered like this! Compared these to my C8 i bought ready built and this is shocking quality!



I think you got hosed. No way that is a genuine Convoy pill. :frowning:

Million dollars question.
Where did you purchase it from?


I might take apart the whole light and post pics? The C8 looks real.

A dedomed LED in a new S2+?

That was me the tint was bad.

Cheap Charlies these chinese guy! They make fakes of already cheap lights. :smiley:

No, this is a perfect example of the difference between a cheap light and a budget light.

Just because you don’t spend a lot of money doesn’t mean you have to get a cheap light.

Well heaps of people from here bought them so maybe they can chime in?

Sorry, my mistake… I should change it… to make fakes of already budget light.

I have purchased several S2+’s direct from Simon, they all have been good performers. I modded them because I wanted to, not because I had to due to issues with the light. I have never seen a real Convoy come in looking that way.

Good luck.

I’ve never seen a light come that way from Convoy. That one was worked on by someone who didn’t know what they were doing, to put it bluntly. Possibly returned to GearBest and they sold it? Would bet good money it didn’t come from Simon that way.

How does an MCPB even get bent like that? It would have to have been bent like that from the start?

Is the MCPCB in your picture glued?

Yes i think it was but just the tiniest bit of thermal paste holding it.

From time to time I buy lights for friends hunters, from Simon and I noticed that quality is indeed going down, with old C8 that had removable pill I had to correct them because they had a dent in the middle from top (they were concave), now anodisation on gray models is not great, ther are some lines of unequal anodisation, very hard to take a photo of them. Some tail-assemblys screw in more than others.
I also have several S2+ with different head diameter! I know this because I made a copper spacers for triple XP-G3 setup, spacers were made at the same time in one preoces so they are all of same diameter but they fit nicely in some S2+ and do not fit at all in other samples of S2+ and I have to file them down additionaly…
I guess hyperproduction is taking its toll.


Buyer discretion has kept me knowing the difference between cheap and budget. :slight_smile:

EDSG, do you have a pic of the driver? From memory that was the easiest way to id fakes. If you have a look through the red S2+ thread there are some comparison pics.

Yea its a real Nanjg i stuck extra 7135s on it lol. Or that style. but no soldering stars?

From memory the fake S2+ had a thinner spring, and the font might have been slightly different. There should be a few threads on fake Convoys, I have to get some sleep otherwise I would have a look.