Convoy L2 XHP70.2 driver question

Wow, I hope this gigantic link works!

I’m building out a convoy L2 and going to use an XHP70.2. In case the link doesn’t work, the driver is from Ali express and says it’s output is DC6v, input DC6v-12.6v 5amp. Is DC direct current? If so, is this different than a buck driver? I want the light to retain constant brightness while it’s in regulation.

If this driver is altogether wrong for what I’m trying to achieve, by all means let me know what I should do.

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Its a 22mm buck driver, but what size is original L2 driver?

Original-original was a 17mm driver wasn’t it? Mine and iterations in recent memory are 20.5mm. Looking at that driver I don’t think you could trim it down to work, but maybe. Some 22mm boards have enough ground ring and space where you can do that but this one looks improbable. Yes, DC is direct current, and it looks like a plain buck driver. 6v emitter so it should stay constant as long as the cells can provide the minimum voltage. That seems fine for 2 cells but trying to use three in there as suggested in the listing…? Hopefully the real voltage warning/cutoff is no less than 8v, but then that would make running two cells pretty short-lived. Odd wording in that listing…says it’s protected at 2.7v but that must be some copy-paste error or something. Not sure where you might find a driver for this but Kaidomain might have something (or the LHT Flashlight Store on ali). The original LD-29 driver is hard to find now but it was only for 3v emitters. Also, with most drivers you’ll probably want to change the switch to a reverse-clicky…not many are the right size but you can buy one of Simon’s new lighted switch conversion kits with the metal button and plastic donut thingy…those will fit the L2 nicely and work fine. If you use the forward-clicky with most firmware the light will still work but modes will be really wonky.

Thanks for your responses.

The newer L2 “host”, or at least the one I have calls for a 20mm board. However, I measure 21.2mm i.d. (head cavity) and 21.8mm o.d. (brass ring). With these measurements I thought I would get a nice and more proper press fit with a slightly filed 22mm board.

- I plan on using Orbtronic 5500 mAh/10amp protected cells.

- Does anyone know if the L2 host comes standard with a forward or reverse clicky?

- I was also looking at MT Electronics:
20mm MTN-MAXlp HP 4A-5.5A Low-Profile Buck Driver 5V-18V. Only thing is, I don’t know how to configure it plus it says it’s out of stock. I tried to message Richard through his website several times to no avail.

This is my first mod so I’m not familiar with many suppliers yet. As I mentioned in my first post, if there’s a better or popular brand most people use, I’m all ears.

They’ve always come with a forward switch. I keep checking on that MTN driver as well….kinda wondering if he’s dropping a lot of the driver models since several have been in like permanent out of stock status for some time now. He’s definitely there and working the business, though. I placed an order last week and it arrived yesterday.

I’ve tried 4 or more times to contact them. I would really like to get started with this mod so I think I’ll have to try them again for a different project.

Is Ali express a reputable place to buy these type of electronics? In other words, am I going to receive a good quality product with the specs they’re advertising?

One more question, the L2 uses a rather deep, smooth reflector, what type of beam can I expect using the XHP70.2?

The L2 reflector is similar to the L6 (almost identical) so expect a tint-shifty beam with a focused hotspot and generous spill. An OP reflector is a better choice.

For the driver, the L2 uses a 20 mm driver (which Simon sells in his store on Aliexpress. It’s a safe place to buy stuff, but buy from reputable sources and be prepared to wait for it… shipping takes 2+weeks. If you want a fet driver, Mountain sells those for 2S in 20mm I believe. Outside someone like Lexel, LED4Power, or buying a 20mm driver for a different light, you’re limited to 5 amp buck drivers. They are readily available on Aliexpress and Kaidomain.

Thanks for the info. I looked at Simon’s store but couldn’t find a 20/22mm 2 cell, 6v driver without an electric switch already attached to it. Can you simply remove the attached switch (without additional mods) and solely use the tail switch?

I would love to get a hold of an OP reflector for this light. I’ve searched everywhere. Do you know where I can get one??

I’m not positive but I don’t think Simon has a driver for that or ever has…you could message him though. The old 2 cell driver was 3v. He nixed it from his store not long ago but you can get it form the LHT Flashlight Store on aliexpress and Bangood or Fasttech may still have some…but again, 3v. Kaidomain and LHT are the same folks as far as I know and you can order from either name with confidence. As far as reputable place and getting what’s advertised…I’d say generally yes, but y’know it’s a bit of the wild wild west and your experience depends on your diligence as well as the actual seller. It’s not the same kind of platform as amazon, just similar in some ways. Several of our light manufacturers have stores on aliexpress and they’re certainly reliable, and there are a handful of well known good stores as well (LHT being one of those, as well as one of the larger suppliers of flashlight bits and bobs that cover the whole range).

Driver with a switch on board is set up for a side switch and surely talking signals differently than the simplicity of the tail switch designs…would have to ask the maker/seller of the driver but I’m gonna say no.

Not sure about the OP reflector but you could ask Simon (one of the new ones may fit? Be sure to tell him what your L2 had in it and approximately how old it is because he’s had a few running changes to it). Browsing all of the reflectors on Kaidomain/LHT there might be something.

In my latest L2 I plan on putting in a Led4Power 20mm driver and running on a single cell/short tube, but I’m looking for a thrower, so a smaller emitter than the XHP70. Probably putting an SFT40 in mine but have a couple Osrams to think about, too. But generally, putting that larger emitter in the same reflector is going to give you less throw and a wider hot spot, would expect that combo to have a pretty bright wide spill, too…compared to the stock XPL which I suppose yours came with.

There’s one very big thread here on the L2 if you want to find that and sift through it. Some good and interesting mods there and other info, although some of it may be out of date now (running changes).