【convoy】L21B SFT40 3000K Ra=95 available now

Toykeepers Bistro/Biscotti buzzing after 10 clicks would be way better than that utterly annoying blink after 5s on low mode, literally everyone hates it and it’s a medieval solution.


  • FF (0.5lm or less)>Low>Medium>High (looped)
  • Instant mode memory with no waiting for two hours for the driver to activate it
  • double press to go back one mode or long press to go to the first mode

optionally Biscotti style programing after 10 half presses to reverse the mode order to H>M>L>FF and to turn off or on the Mode memory.

This way everyone would be happy, it will stay muggle friendly and the implementation shouldn’t be a challenge.

Yep, Bistro UI. Strobe is hidden, memory and moonlight can be enabled/disabled, number of modes and modes order (low to high, high to low) can be changed, etc.
It’s better to have an UI that is configurable by the user than changing convoy UI each time someone request a varation that can be changed with a programmable UI.

I did not know that the blib on low mode for mode group changing was so thoroughly hated among BLF :party:
Ok Simon, please do not do that but listen to the other suggestions :slight_smile:

I will be OK with any set of 4-6 modes of constant light (strobe is not mandatory; moonlight is).
What I’m looking for is versatile power supply (everything of AA form factor can be used: alkaline, NiMH, Li-Ion,…) and size.
Such a one-cell flashlight should be most compact, allowing even holding on keyring for an ideal case.
Two-cell option will be comfortable for self-defence purposes because of diameter/length combination (but need no tail button here).

Banggood Order 67173293

I think you are trying to PM me via Ali Express, but that may be another matter. It’s not connecting to AliExpress right now so will Reply to that later.

Thanks Simon!

Apart from the 4-6 modes, there is something like that, the DQG Slim Ti: “REVIEW”: DQG Slim Ti (1/2 AA and other batteries) ***[DISCOUNT CODE ADDED - 05/22/2018]***


I didn’t buy S2+ because of blinking in low mode. No more blinking :weary:

5 modes ML-Lo-Lo-Med-Hi with 2-click for back

And ability to turn memory on and off after a bunch of clicks, strobe after…idk

My personal best is 2 mode groups, 4 modes in each and memory on in one, and off in another, group changing after 9-click. E.g. 1–10–40–100 memory on and 0,2–3–15–60 memory off

uh,15mm is too small

the ramping driver is direct driver
the 4modes has constant current

uh ,you can PM me about your problem

I posted them HERE.

The ramping driver is regulated. Comes stock configured at 8A in high, using a 5mΩ (R005) sense resistor (I recently built a C8S with a ∅22mm unit and got 7.63A measured with my power supply for that unit). Being regulated means it uses the MOSFET in linear mode by tuning the gate voltage to limit current to desired values, thus it won't go above 8A unless the sense resistor value is lowered.

Better to say this than having to hear someone complaining at a later date. Wieselflinkpro is probably better served with an unregulated MOSFET driver (with @#$% PWMed mid and low modes) if he wants as much current as it will go.


Does anyone know if the S2+ clip will fit the S21 correctly?

Most likely not, S21 has a bigger diameter.

Thanks for the point, it’s interesting. I also saw Sofirn SP10S, but this brand usually glues all the head as far as I heard, it isn’t nice. Even omitting upgradeable optics/LED point, what I have to do after breaking the glass, for example?

BTW, single model with optional extension tube (1*AA <-> 2*AA) is even better solution than two different flashlight models, I missed to wish that initially :slight_smile:

I ask because there is a slot on the S21A for one (I think?) and I haven’t seen a specific S21A clip on Simon’s Ali shop listings.

I like 2×AA lights, I’m waiting for a Jaxman M2 at the moment, but I’d be interested in a Convoy S2+ style 2×AA tube light as well :slight_smile:

I like long 3×AA lights too, I’d buy several 3×AA tubes for my Convoy S2+ lights and just use the Li-Ion driver :smiling_imp:

not suitable

Same as in biscotti firmware. Only here is the first option.

Config mode

To enter config mode, quickly tap a bunch of times until the light stops lighting up. It should be 16+ times. Then it’ll scroll through the options:

1. Memory toggle. Tap during the “buzz” to turn memory on or off.
2. Thermal calibration. Tap during the “buzz” to enter thermal
calibration mode.

  • Light turns on at a low level: Tap now to set default temperature
    limit. Otherwise, wait.
  • Light goes to full brightness: Tap at any time to set temperature
    limit to the current temperature. Basically, wait until it feels
    hot, then tap.

So, to set a temperature limit:

- Tap 16+ times.

- Wait for the light to blink twice.

- Tap during the “buzz”.

  • Wait until the light feels hot, then click to turn it off.

I came here to take a look at the titanium AAA Convoy sample but I don’t see it…