【convoy】L21B SFT40 3000K Ra=95 available now

The driver will be burning off ~50% of the wattage. Heat management will be necessary. A buck driver will be much better suited here obviously, but there’s only one way to find out how it will hold up

I recently built an S2+ triple using the xpg3 660nm deep red emmitters. I used the 17mm 5 amp driver and have had no issues with it.

Yup, figured heat would be an issue in the driver. Do you know of any ~2.5v buck drivers that can do ~1.5A per emitter in a triple? I didn’t have any luck when I searched. Mtn seems to be perpetually out of stock on most of their drivers.

Good to know, thanks!

That is possible because these drivers feature thermal regulation / temperature protection. Since the voltage delta is huge, the flashlight should perceptibly dim down after a good deal of seconds in high. Remove the onboard NTC, and I bet soon you will see magic smoke coming out of it.

To properly build a triple with deep red emitters, I would choose some boost driver if available. For a Convoy S12, this ∅22mm Manta Ray “XHP50” driver with emitters mounted in a series MCPCB would make a real bright red flashlight. Or you could also go :-D rampage with the “XHP70” version (no idea if the KDLITKER MCPCB fits the S12 well, though).

I thought about using a Convoy boost driver but I wasn’t sure if any old triple MCPCB would be compatible with the S12.

in stock ,too ,you can order the copper pill and note ” copper pill for alu S2+”

no biscotti for this one

yes, friend ,they will be produced later

Is there anyone here who has S12 and could give me the dimensions of the reflector? Height and diameter at the widest point.

Can do tonight if nobody else has by then.

Will the Biscotti drivers be produced or just the copper pills?

Wow. Smaller than I thought. Thank you.

Copper pills are available, check #2172. It is the Biscotti drivers of ∅20 and ∅22 mm which are set for later.

I’m also interested in these… 20 and 22mm, better if they are 6A (or more).


Quick question: Does the Convoy S21A still has problems with the bigger (Lishen) 21700 cells? Let's presume my cells would use a single wrap, can rewrap them of course.

Edited answer: the problem was fixed.

Thu, 03/05/2020 - 06:44

Used the torch a little and had to revisit this a little, to be more specific. There are some rings, although they are faint and far from annoying. Took a couple pictures:

Photos taken with daylight white balance and reduced exposure in HDR mode. The first pic looks greenish, but it really isn't.

Thanks Barkuti for getting back to this. Very much appreciated! I think that that level of artifacts is 100% acceptable in a fully throw-biased light. Hotspot size, intensity, and uniformity is what is most important. :beer:

Is the store closed again? All the links on here and on the AE store page are broken again. Aliexpress has been a pretty shoddy website though in general.