【convoy】L21B SFT40 3000K Ra=95 available now

Only the 17mm driver is like this, the rest is unchanged
The effect on heat has not been tested.

That’s good, thank you. But do you have any plans to introduce a small coated spring? :slight_smile:

A video says it all:

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Simon also did another long one at the top of this page. I understand this basically concerns smartphones or tablets, but it is good to be seen anyway.

P.S.: don't worry Agro, the video is hidden.

Strange addition to tail spring bypass I haven’t seen before.

bottom diameter : 9.5mm

top diameter: 6.8mm

thickness : 0.9mm

height : 13.5mm(before use),12.5mm(after use) (Phosphor bronze springs will become shorter after one use due to the material properties)

What size is more suitable for your needs?

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Used turpentine as lubricant and cleaning fluid to aid with the filing process. No flames were involved. O:)

The spring shenanigans are escalating. I actually appreciate the more conservative Convoy drivers because I don’t have to worry about this silliness. In 99% of practical use, 2 amps through a modern LED are more than enough, and these drivers do 6A. All my Convoy spring bypasses failed right away, but at 6A, I feel comfortable just ignoring it.

Interesting. Do phosphor-bronze springs lose their springiness over time, or if overcompressed?

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Basically the smaller the better. I have some good larger springs already. Your small phosphor bronze is OK but if it was available coated - I would prefer that.

My finger got tired from scrolling the above comment just to reach the end for the useful part…

Ooh, that sounds interesting. Coated with what? Tinned for better soldering? Au-plated for lower resistance?

The large springs are Au coated

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Only after the first use, the spring will be slightly shortened, and the height will not change in future use.


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Does someone already knows how the “battery check” function works in the SST-40 Biscotti-clone drivers?

With a cell hovering around 3.9V I am getting 5 blinks. :???: