【convoy】L21B SFT40 3000K Ra=95 available now

Yes, there are a couple of real world photos in my review - see link in my signature. The light is half way between being floody and throwy.

Simon, did I see you are working on a larger cutout reflector for the M21B?

I just received my S11 GT FC-40, and love it. I would like it even more in a single 21700 host like the M21B though!

I had a similar problem on another convoy light with osram. IMHO that light you have is capable of 1000m throw. Shining it on a wall just 10 feet away with produce artifacts from the lobes. When I took mine outdoors, The distortion all went away or was impossible to detect. Again, IMHO there is nothing wrong with your light. The Osram led is less forgiving than say an XHP70.2.

M21B reflector for XHP70.2 and FC40 is in production

I wish that was also available in S16. This is on the wishlist for my next order… :heart_eyes:

S16 or M21B with SFT-40 5000K/6500K (8A constant current driver)

S16 or M21B with FC40 3000K/4500K

S16 or M21B with XHP70.2 4000K

… plus some more of your great flat top adapters for 3X21A and 4X18A.

Received the 3X21A SFT-40 model today from Simon - Thanks! Posted some first impressions here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/67266

L6 can not work with 26650 without additional 5mm magnet spacer.
Can Convoy make any flashlight without bug, or you get what you pay for?

I think you should have more respect for one of the few people who has always cared about our community.
Simon does not deserve a comment like this.

Simon, are you planning a S21B with GT-FC40?

This was asked a few pages back:

I worry about the heat……

I am using L6 with 2x26650 W/O any problems.

Because the flashlight must be compatible with 65mm to 70mm batteries, if you use 65mm batteries. It will be significantly shorter, and now I provide the corresponding accessories.

26mm PCB board for series connection

I am using Orbtronic 26650.
This one:

It’s not difficult to produce corresponding reflector. I just worry about the heat.

1S 6V 3A driver runs well my S21A with xhp70.2.

Heat is quite good on medium modes and of course it gets hot on 100% but regulation steps down accordingly.

FC40/XHP70 reflectors for M21B, S16 and S21 would be awesome.

Also XHP50.3HI 90CRI is coming


This requires customized drivers. For example, turbo mode needs to be turned on by double-clicking the switch, and the working time will not exceed 30 seconds.

Heat can be managed in a couple ways. Either by amp limiting in the driver design (permanent), or a driver design that gives you the best of both worlds:

  • support max amps via a direct FET channel, or amp limited depending on the emitter used (ex: linear regulated)
  • smart thermal management, as implemented in Anduril or Anduril 2

It may require high quality springs, or double springs, or bypasses.

This is why a few of us have been mentioning an Anduril or Anduril 2 option because you can get the best amps a LED supports, but with the safety of true thermal regulation/management by limiting the max temperature via an MCU internal sensor, or external sensor.

I would like to see more aggressive thermal fins on some lights as well. For example with the new 3X21A, there are many fins in the proper area but they are too shallow - they need to go deeper into the body, and if they did, it should reduce the weight as well -- another advantage.

Less aluminum mass if possible, more surface area -- good goals.

Not at all. Your drivers are perfect for it (6V/3A and 12V/2.5A)

Sorry. L7. And it does not have spring from driver side.