【convoy】L21B SFT40 3000K Ra=95 available now

To add to what others are requesting. Please post a photo of the reels of these 219Bs please

That’s the best plan, the label has all the relevant info.

I couldn’t wait for Simon’s reply and just went ahead ordering one S2+ with SW30. Hopefully he can customises it for me (OP+7135*6 instead of smooth+7135*8).

Those will sell like hot cakes!




S21C is still in design .they can be mixed



Hi Simon,

I can‘t wait to also order M21B FC40 in warmwhite. :love:

Can you please help me how to order some more 4X18A and 3X21A flat top battery adapters along with my next order? Three of each would be great. :)

ok ,pls note your requirement in the remarks

Convoy S12 with 3x Nichia 219B SW45K R9080 available?

Or is it possible to have Convoy S12 with mixed 3x Nichia 219B (1x SW45k, 1x SW35, 1x SW30) = I wonder how this will look like?

Just when I thought having 12 S2+ was enough, Simon releases the 219B version! Take my money.

Thank you for the order codes. I’d be really interested to see the same measurement for the sw35 and sw45k.

Thanks for the details.

I have another question.

What solder alloys is used with LEDs pre soldered on MCPCBs.

Leaded or lead free ?

I’m wondering too.
And what kind of method they apply for reflow Led on Mcpcb?

Hi, Simon. I built a 219b S2+ a while back and the hotspot had an ugly yellow spot in the middle. Did you have to change anything to make the beam look good?

To clarify, it’s the sw40 and sw45k that have given me trouble. My sw30 and sw35 look pretty great.

I’ve been planning to order some optics to try in place of the reflector. Just waiting on that M21B GT-FC40 to appear to place the order.

I welcome any advice on resolving the issue with the OP reflector, though, as I prefer that general beam pattern.

Check out the DC-fix that Boaz is selling on BLF

Thanks. Do you think it could be a focus issue? It’s a problem I’ve encountered with other LEDs, too. XP-L HI 5D in the KR1 gave me the same problem. Interestingly, SST-20 GA3 behind a 10507 optic did the same. Maybe I’m just too sensitive to this?