【convoy】L21B SFT40 3000K Ra=95 available now

I would buy that (but not in silver).

But but but so shiny.

Can’t wait for the first 2x26800 - this seems like a good candidate.

Yes, it’s a sample ,but the driver is not good ,
it’s a FET driver, The manufacturer claims that the maximum output can reach 25A, but when I measured it was only 19.2A

spring can soldered on the the 26mm plate, The area used for welding the spring on the driver is too small, and I cannot find a suitable spring that can withstand large currents.

Maybe talk to BlueSwordM about his high current springs, together they can handle 21A. Maybe they will fit

My solution with the P60 outer dropin spring

Looks good, that’s your biggest reflector yet. Any chance of a M3 or L2 size head for us pocket rocket people?

L2 pocket rocket? Haha

Those are some extra Texan pockets :smiley:

Any ETA on the IR lights? Thanks!

Love the design on the new 26800 light! Finally a proper SBT90.2 mid size thrower with adequate cooling. I’ll sure order one when the driver and spring issue gets sorted out. Just squeeze in a bigger FET and worst case scenario use solid brass +ive contact and 18awg bypassed rear spring.

Will it be called the L5?

Are these parts on aliexpress?

It’s these, the large spring only. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32689883571.html

base diameter should be less than 5mm

Uh, what I mean is that the positive electrode of the battery and the driver are not in contact with the spring

This is exciting! Will a host version be available?

The driver now only has a stud. Prefer springs on both ends to allow travel under shock without loss of contact.

Thank you very much

Simon. Please consider making some sort of shock dampener for the positive contact on drivers using the brass stud. This would ideally be a low durometer rubber or high density foam that prevents the positive end of the cell from being dented from impact. A plastic ‘cap’ that surrounds the stud and only let’s it protrude a mm or less would work too

Like a gun-light, I’d imagine.

Recoil would be Hell on a driver…