Convoy L6+ 4000K XHP70.2

Seems like most people are into warmer tints these days and I too like WW tints myself. So I'm glad when I pick up my Convoy around a year or so ago when it came out with the XHP70 in 4000K. Yeah, I know most people think it's too green but it doesn't really seem to bother me. Kinda goes with the green vegetation and stuff out.

My 4000K L6 is one of my favorite lights. Very efficient and very stable output. Its ability to maintain a full 3500lm until the battery is flat is rare amongst modern overdriven LED flashlights.

Yeah that is good to know about the efficiency and stability. I always liked the runtimes and the led driver. It feels good in your hands and weight feels just right for the size plus it just looks good. Good to know that there’s a 3000K led option too. :slight_smile: